Business Friendly Web Design Predictions for 2020-21

Business Friendly Web Design

Web Design predictions/trends are dynamic and hard to guess. Everyone in the industry wonders what the new trend would look like, which would stay in the market for a while.

The year 2018-19 proved creative for the field of web design. Nearly every website made during the year used similar kinds of templates that are available on WordPress or other free template sites. The only difference was a bit of editing in templates to clearly express the messages.

Hence, companies that strive for perfection and consider their online presence important, updating or creating a new visage of their website is crucial, as it can bring desired admiration from their audience.

Every year brings many ideas and hopes for upcoming revolutionary trends. Some get viral and accepted while some get completely ignored and rugged off. It is important to plan for the future because that’s what planning means. However, to spend time in sensing web designing trends may slow down the progress of other business operation for a while, but it’s worth to invest energy in brainstorming and prepare for the future.

Nonetheless, Responsive Web Design has become the lifeline of any website to gain popularity and visitors at small screen platforms like smartphones and tablets. If, by chance, you have not made your website responsive or haven’t made your already existing site responsive, then the picture on the website will be unclear and won’t be shown on a retina-screen clearly and efficiently. In addition, hiring a designing maestro always help miles for your company, so don’t save bucks when it should be invested in a talent powerhouse.

If you are looking to give a makeover to your website, then the following are web design future predictions that can help you to understand in which direction wind will blow.

Transcend Originality

Nothing beats originality. Yes! That’s something we are taught since we began understanding things. Similarly, in the web designing world, nothing comes closer to original ideas.

Nowadays, millions of websites follow the same pattern. Designers tweak some design patterns, but overall look or design remains the same. In 2018-19, animation can be the game-changer. Animation libraries have bounced back to assist different formats like CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript etc.

An innovative designed work that is far from clones or similar to ones floating on the web is the one that earns the reputation for the website. From page content, design, a navigation system, business strategy to the pattern, images, colours etc. Original ideas reflect the sense of accomplishment and relate with the outer world to bring sensational feeling in the visitors.

Original Design Example

Original Design Example

Original Design Example

Evolution Of Vector Images

Because of scalability issues, a bitmap image has been diminishing slowly in popularity. The difference it makes to enable a successful responsive design is vast. Even upon zooming, a vector image retains its quality and does not become too blurry, like in the case of a bitmap picture.

In the future, as responsive design becomes more popular and mainstream, bitmap images are supposed to take over the internet. A website these days needs to cater to both mobile and web versions, requiring extensions and formats that are flexible and easily transferable. Vector images assist in meeting that goal and are predicted to be utilized in popular themes and layouts.


Longer Scrolling Website

Who likes to keep scrolling through the page to get the needed information? Presently, countless websites have scroll longer features that have become mainstream, especially for mobile platforms. Scrolling could be a damaging thing for the website’s business. Websites are made for visitors/clients, and if they find it hard to trace the information, then it would be dead-end for business. Long scrolling is made for a one-page website and that for introduction purposes. Otherwise, if you are looking to run your business on a long scrolling website, take a U-turn and re-think your decision.

See Longer Scrolling Example


Web Design trends change within a blink on an eye. Today’s hot choices can be tomorrow’s past. That’s the beauty of web designing. It brings challenges, and it forces designers to think creatively. By working smarter, you can create an eye-catching and appealing design.

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