We know how everybody is so busy nowadays. People who just talk and talks and talk always drive everybody crazy, and I know nobody likes them. The interesting thing is that sometimes they have some really strong point to convey, but we avoid them to save time.

Your Website content is exactly the same way. If you show a long copy of the text on your website pages, then your visitors can lose interest. Nobody is going to read all the crap to reach the golden piece of hidden information at the end.

The large paragraphs are scary! Trust me, they can haunt most of the visitors. You need to be very cautious while writing your message and need to be short, smart and to the point.




Your pages shouldn’t have long copies of the text, especially your home page. The Research by web design firms proves, “The ROI decreases if your pages on the website need to be scrolled to read the whole text.” 

Your pages should have strong and punchy lines, which answers the major inquiries of the visitor. Going this way, your website’s conversion rate will significantly increase, and you will see a decent change in the number of sales.

Other than this, make sure that your content is proper for the search engines. 200-300 is the ideal number of words to keep Google search engine attracted to your website and in increasing your chances of being found by your prospective customers.

Some more content related tricks and trends that need to be followed are as follows: 

  1. Featured snippet based content

Firstly make sure you are clear about the term “Featured Snippet” and its importance.

Here’s what Google has to say about featured snippets: “When we recognize that a query asks a question, we pro-grammatically detect pages that answer the user’s question and display a top result as a featured snippet in the search results.”

The advantages of a featured snippet are obvious: more clicks, more visibility and a higher conversion rate.

Search Engine has scrutinized a site in the snippet, and the results are amazing. The platform had a session rise of 516 percent, and the conversion rate skyrocketed from 2 percent to 8 percent!

  1. Customer intent-based content

Long gone are the days when Google’s algorithm would revert back search queries with keyword-based results alone. It’s all about intent today – and search engines get a lot better at predicting what we’re after.

But it is not just your SEO that can take advantage of an intent-based approach; developing customer-centred content can also have a huge effect on your sales.

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