Content Marketing Plan: List of Important Components


Building a brand’s story is not everyone’s cup of tea. To build a content marketing plan is simple. You need some stats, creative mind, a team to understand the market and prepare an outline in accordance to that.

However, not every plan works. Probably 95% plans fail in the long run. It’s not the ineffectiveness of the marketers, but it’s because they fail to consider some important components.

Tiered Goals

Without goals, your marketing plan is ineffective. Set tiered goals for a quarter, or for a half year or even for a full year. Let everyone in your team knows the goals and works in a synchronization to have a unified result at the end. Make one article per day as the goal, as content serves a huge purpose. The article should be informational and give value to the reader’s time, as it bridges the gap between him and your company.


Your articles should be a part of a long series that everyone waits for. Think of a series like ‘Game of Thrones‘. The world is crazy for the TV series because of its amazing and addictive content that glues audiences to its seat. Bring your readers to the edge of their seats and they will become a regular contributor in your business.

It would be better if you stop considering regular traffic in your marketing strategy. Include weekly, monthly, or quarterly traffic stats to execute backup plans to propel the things in the right direction.

Quantify ROI

How can you know something is working or not? It’s simple; you measure ROI at the end of certain time period. Your calculated ROI must show a positive effect, otherwise, the plan simply fails to produce the desire output. Being online gives a huge benefit to the marketers to keep working on ROI through certain online tools. Document your results to prepare better blueprint for the results and to find out which things are working or which not.



Content Purpose

Ask yourself what purpose does your content serve? Is that to influence a huge audience base or it’s specifically crafted for niche audiences for loyal brand building? Until you don’t know the purpose, your ways to propose something to the people’s will produce no better results at all and will be a burden on your resources. Hence, the content creation must have a precise purpose and a goal. It should have a cause and an effect that further laid down the path for the people to reach you.


Evergreen content provides value or a commentary on a topic. It’s written with great intellect and takes us to the core of the subject that tells why such proposed theory or idea is valid and can be reasoned by many.

No matter in what year or time period you read a certain piece of content, you will surely get valuable information about the subject. For instance, if you take a great piece of content on ‘why smartphones will replace the desktops in the future‘, you will get the real time information by the industry expert, even if it was written many moons ago. That’s the power of content and you can update the content if you want. Don’t forget to use RSS feed to curate current topics, while pitching evergreen content side-by-side.

Editorial Calendar

There are many tools available online to create an editorial calendar. It keeps your marketing plan on track and gives an insight of what’s coming and when to start creating a specific post for a certain day. For instance, Canada Day comes on 1st of July, and if you have prepared the calendar, you would know the date of the event and when to start creating the post.

Editorial Link

Use the calendar to remain ahead of your deadlines while working on certain things. It won’t let you forget the most important events coming and give you a room to properly plan your content strategy so you don’t miss out anything valuable that could contribute to your business growth.

Clickable Titles

Titles mean a lot on the web. Most people decide to click on the link or not just by seeing the title. In layman’s term, if your content’s title fails to entice people to read, your content will fail to see better readership no matter how great you have written it.

Instead of writing “Content Marketing Plan Importance”, you should write: “How Content Marketing Plan Increases your Business ROI”. If you look at both the given titles, you see a huge difference. While the first one might seem a bit boring, the latter takes the award for enticing people, especially businesses owners to understand the subject for their companies. Titles create curiosity in the heart of people and if you work on creating the art of titles, it means you are doing something valuable with your time because, in the end, titles will help you to generate better income.

clickable has become an industry leader in generating clickable titles. To some they look click-baits as the content doesn’t offer much value like the title claims; however, they are still driving a huge traffic to their website through different social media accounts.

If you are serious about doing online marketing, don’t even mistake to produce clickbait titles and offer nothing in your content. If your title is tempting, make sure your content serves much larger value to your readers’; otherwise, you will become a company that produces clickbait titles but has nothing to offer in the content. Those companies often earn negativity than positive comments from the people.

Hire a team of Writers. Editors, and Graphic Designer

Without writers, editors, and graphic designers, your content marketing is destined to fail. Without them no matter how great your plan may sound, you won’t be achieving anything. How you bring a great team of writers, editors and designers aboard ultimately decide the fate of your content.

hire content writers

While writers and editors make sure the quality of the content and whether it has real readership value or not, graphic designers, on the other hand, make sure it’s perfectly presentable and entice readers to read until the end and grasp even the most complex topic through images (thumbnails, infographics) etc.

Promote and backlink

After creating content, it’s time to promote and create strong backlinks a.k.a. inbound marketing to gain Google ranking and to drive traffic through search engine results. Inbound marketing makes sure that your website ranks for certain keyword in the search queries and to drive traffic to your website through another website to get more topic insights from your content.

Hence, it’s best to make connections with high profile websites and blogs within your niche and get backlinks pointing to your certain article that gives more information about the topic.

promote and backlink
Guest blogging is another great way to earn strong backlinks from a reputed portal. A lot of industry established writers/bloggers/marketers use this technique to earn backlinks from Forbes, Mashable, TechCruch in the tech industry niche.

Create a spreadsheet of the famous blogs in your industry and start making connections with the bloggers running the reputed industry blogs to gain links from a reputable source.

Don’t Sell

It’s the worst mistake you will do with your company. Don’t try to sell yourself to your potential shoppers and tell them why your products are superior in the industry.

When you force-feed something, it creates an adverse affect on your image and people start running from you as no one wants to be spoon-fed.

For instance, if you are running a digital marketing agency, don’t try to personally email people why their business needs online marketing. In layman’s term, don’t try to knock their doors and appear annoying. People remember company’s name that annoys them with the unnecessary advertisement. Let people that have a problem and are looking for a solution come to you. This way you influence them in a great way that increases you chances to convert them into lead or sales.

Influence goes long way in the business and you have to understand the concept fairly well before running your marketing juggernaut to produce real time results.