Create A Highly Engaging Search Engine Listing

Millions of users make way to search engines for finding solutions to all their pertaining queries. As someone who wants an entry in the search engine results page (SERP), you will need to ensure that you follow the right tactics. After all it is all about engaging those targeted users out of millions of search queries made on daily basis. The question is how to grab attention when the users see your entry listed in SERPs. Here are the four most important attributes that need to be considered when trying to engage users.

  1. Make an entry over first page of Google

It’s painfully obvious to anyone in the search marketing industry that searchers only care about first-page results, and more specifically above-the-fold results on the first page.

A study from Group M UK with Nielsen determined that users click on the first SERP result 48% of the time, the second result 12% of the time, and the third result 8% of the time. A SERP for a competitive PPC keyword usually has only three organic results above the fold.

  1. A PPC ad should not be the entry

Maximum results in SERP are organic but there are some PPC ads amongst the ads as well. When having a look at the PPC entry mentioned at the top in SERP, most of the users spontaneously know that these are ads. This is not a good thing as this is going to zone you out. Out of all the available results, no one would ever try to reach out ad-centric platforms.

  1. The entry must provide information

Always make sure that your SERP is informational as the users would never like to click upon a link that does not offer the details they have been looking for. This is quite evident from the search behavior depicted by the users.

  1. Page title should answer the user’s questions

The title of SERP should manage to answer what the user has input as query. It is the title that catches attention when looking through the SERPs. This is owing to the way the titles depict a varied color and font face. Here are the three attributes that the title should depict so that none of the question remains unanswered. These are –

Subject: Specify what the page is about that too while using a few characters.

Relevance: Concentrate over relevance of page. This can be done by using target keywords.

Need: You will need to make the user realize how this page is going to help them.

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