The Importance of Content Strategy: What Marketers Need to Know


Every year, marketers mince millions of words collectively on the same niche and a lot of content goes unconsumed, or go unnoticed without making any significant change. We have seen what things impacted the market in 2016, and are much more prepared to perform better on 2017’s scorecard.

The one thing that makes the difference is how you develop a documented content marketing strategy that will lay foundation for a solid empire to stand and reflect the imperial growth of your company in the stiff competition. With a detailed plan in hands, it’s easy to see the future signs and where the market can lead, because as marketers we keep addressing the things during the marketing campaign and alter the various key elements for the better output at the end of the day.

If you are doing content marketing with a solid strategy, consider this as a mini-guide and take out pen and paper from your drawer and start taking notes.

The Stiff Competition

It wouldn’t be wrong to say how much content market write-ups produced over the past few years have influenced businesses to use in their working operations. Everyone seems to have an idea of how content marketing works, and have pulled-up their sleeves to create compelling and engaging content, because as per the industry norms, it will bring them ranking and drive overwhelming traffic to the website. In addition, it might declare them as the ultimate king on the internet because content will break the web.

Stiff Competition

Well, much of the marketers’ delusions were told in a satirical way and how they present marketer’s mentality has led to the dead end even when doing normal things, like creating content etc.
The strategy has at least lifted the bar of what we call good content. Now every writer thinks he creating an evergreen and informational content that will be on the par with the best write-ups ever produced. The delusions, however, soon gets broken when hardly anyone visits to read the article, which was prepared after thorough research, using industry contacts to gain insights about the certain topics and many hours of work.

Gone are the days when a little effort to make a blog look better than over glorified press releases and it worked for years until Google became strict and started updating its algorithm to offer the best content written in the niche.

Your content has to offer value and entertain readers that would trigger a number of shares and engagement on social media.


Imagine developing content on Magento 2.0. If you write how Good is Magento 2.0, it will surely make a good impact, at least in search engine ranking, because Google loves original and well-written article, If, however, you present the article with pictures and guide the readers step by step and differentiate with Magento 1.0, you surely have something unique to offer and will remain on the mind of readers for a long time. Moreover, even developers who are going to switch to Magento 2.0 will consider your write-up and may circulate in their circles and share on social media accounts.

This is the benefit of writing unique write-up. The competition is stiff more than your brain can comprehend. A lot of marketers are churning content just to offer something to readers which result in reader dissatisfaction. Hence, it’s better if your write something valuable.

Consider the number of films produced on a yearly basis. Yet, Oscar picks few that have a good storyline and something unique to offer. It can be a VFX or a unique storytelling experience. Your content should have those parameters in it.

Stakeholders want results

Gone are the days when stakeholders were satisfied seeing the amount of content produced. Now, things don’t work like that. You can’t produce the content and get it seen and your work is done. Those days are over, and the challenge is huge in front of content marketers to cope with.


Now, stakeholders and investors want more accountability and real-time results for the money and resources they invest in doing content marketing for their products. Even if you are doing the marketing of your product, you need to be extra smart to drive enough result.

New Avenues

As the digital space grew and companies like Facebook spawned its wings around the globe, many companies came into existence, expanding the horizons to increase their influence of content marketing efforts. A few years ago, we didn’t have SnapChat and Instagram. Fast forward to 2017, they have become a huge platform for building a brand and to engage people.

Moreover, there were less local influencers with whom you could collaborate and increase your influence locally. With Instagram and Snapchat, many local influencers have emerged and brands are taking them seriously as the local audience hears them and even dream to have their place one day.

Content Marketing is all about finding new avenues and finding the real audience to connect with. Moreover, podcasts weren’t in much demand. Only a few companies were leveraging the power of podcasts. Things changed quickly as smartphones sale got increased and reached billions in total, meaning billions of people own smartphones by 2016.

It has given a huge area for marketers to target and to solidify the brand by building a loyal audience that actually hears the podcast and shares their reviews. Building a podcast audience is very tough, but if you do it, it will serve you for long.


Content Marketing is all about finding the right area and implementing the right strategy for the best use. In the marketing strategy, however, you need to focus on what’s truly important for your business and how to incorporate certain elements for the maximum result.