Say “YES” to Videos in Your Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing-tips

Videos have completely changed the social media. There’s no shortage of users uploading videos and gaining popularity.

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” Andy Warhol

The future has arrived. Now, you don’t need to send resumes to a studio to make videos on your concept/ideas. Nowadays, you can do it on your own. Many YouTubers are raking millions of USD by doing this way. Companies are also hiring in-house staff to produce addictive and highly engaging videos.

With video, almost everyone can be famous. There’s no time limit for enjoying the fame and limelight. If you look at the top earning YouTubers, you will understand their status in the society and among the big media houses.


For years, PewDiePie (real name – Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) is topping the list by earning more than $12.50 million last year. His charisma and a huge list of subscribers allow him to earn a huge amount of ad revenue and from other ways by bringing attention to the products.

Each of the vloggers has perfectly used video platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, and YouTube etc. Companies need to follow these vloggers’ guidelines and adopt their fundamental principles to grow their follower list and massively influence the targeted audience for the perfect output.

The famous vloggers have made us laugh, cry, educated us, entertained us to reach the spot from where the world can notice their significant presence. They dropped their shame and took all the negative feedback coming their way, embraced it, learned from it and finally reached to their goal. That’s the true sign of a marketer.

They didn’t have any magic wand, which they waved and got overwhelming subscribers count on their YouTube account. For instance, PewDiePie has more than 52 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. How he has courageously taken hatred of a lot of people, while at the same time, embracing the positive comments and support for not hiding behind the rock.


Every success story has a back-story – and the back-story is more of failure than success. YouTubers’ stories are also filled with various such things including disappointment, fear of failure etc. Their success was determined by the amount of hours and work they have had put in the video domain. It needs extensive tenacity and talent to succeed, and they are prime example of it.

Since billions of people own a smartphone, it’s better if companies that haven’t tested their first video even, start thinking to produce videos. Whether it’s live or pre-recorded videos, the demand is surpassing the supply and is extremely helpful for both companies and individuals for branding purposes.

It’s 2017, the year when 70% of people will prefer video content and will love to consume more and more of it.

If you are working in the PR, advertisement and marketing field, you just can’t afford to be camera-shy. When nearly everyone is making videos, why you are bashing your confidence for not coming in front of the camera and creating a video. Who knows you may end up creating the greatest YouTube channel ever?

When making a video, it doesn’t mean to become a talking head. Forget being the one. Daily soaps are doing the job.

When you are making a video, you aren’t going to send it to the Academy Awards to win any accolade. So forget it and wear down all the fear you have to make a flawless video appealing the masses. Just show the human side of your brand and connect with people emotionally, which influence them to click on your product for a longer duration.

Videos are a great way to portray literally works in the most humanely way. Your job is to make a video that shows the human side, not a well-written screenplay, as it will take too long time to produce even one video. When you look at the highly successful YouTubers, notice what the main thing about their videos is. They love connecting with their subscribers and bring attention to a subject by being in the video.

If your videos have authenticity, transparency, and immediacy, then you don’t really need to worry about things, like production values or video budget etc. It doesn’t matter to the audience because they are getting genuine video content having relevant information and entertainment elements.

What if you run after a budget, but your videos have no human touch? How can you connect with the customers? It would be truly hard to do it.

Make yourself calm and chill before start shooting a video. Keep a head start in your mind and don’t over-prepare yourself too much because the product will look too good to be true. Remember that you are not shooting films and looking for cinematic release. Your videos are different, more personnel and for a specific audience. Hence, don’t end up being too perfect, which looks irrational and very hard to place the trust in.

When you are in front of the camera, you are directly speaking to your audience. It’s yours and their world that are intersecting with your presence. You have to be spontaneous, friendly and a wee bit humorous to show the human side while selling your products.


Raise the pain points to which your audience can relate and engage with your content. It’s all about give and take. You give your customers a great platform to explore different things and consume exciting, educating and entertaining content, and in return, they become your loyal customers’.

Nowadays, nearly every company, be it big or small corporations, are leveraging the power of videos and bringing their staff forth to produce content that shows their human side of their organization and how workers do hard work to make their (customers’) lives better.