BadBoy’s alliance with Magento 2 sets it well beyond consumer standards and has given a new perspective to success and customer delight.

Organization in Glance…

The legendary brand acquired its recognition and existence in year 1955 by founder Mel Lastman.

Their motto was the charged with the purpose of providing people “the place to shop” by charging reasonable prices accommodated with superior quality services throughout.

During the trajectory of establishing a firm footing in market, it has faced many ups and downs and now Badboy has 40 plus location across Canada.

Badboy is living up to the 3 generations relentless efforts and reputation.

As it says “who’s better than Lastman’s Badboy NOOBODY!!”

Bad boy’s philosophy has stood on 5 pillars of business: Quality, Selection, Service, Value and Price. They don’t compromise, only delivers what they promise.

The dynamic mindset and culture allow the brand to keep analyzing opportunities and have first mover advantage. Also, it entitles to measure threats and deal them with utmost efficiency.

Good design is a language…

DesigningPhase 1 : (Action plan)

The digital infrastructure of Badboy is replatformed with Magento 2. Allowing easy webrooming, supported through optimized navigation.  It creates a smoother buying experience for customers & distributors.

Phase 2 : (Performance)

Performance ReportBy providing users with excelling digital experience, further capitalization on leads are achieved that have added to brand equity  and digital rankings.

Success Curve…

Iconic brand: Bad boy is standing firm in market from past 60 plus years, catering in furniture, electronics, appliances and home furnishing services directed in major locations of Toronto.

Magento 2 further alleviated them and produced an omnichannel success on ecommerce platform that did not let any stones go unturned. With the successful amalgamation new records were set!

Key Website features added…

Key Features


  • Refurbished and optimized visual and user experience
  • Multiple contact points (Website, messenger, live chat, phones etc.)
  • Faster inventory turnaround
  • IP detection and geo-localization to display correct language and currency
  • Rich media embedded home page
  • Market specific triggers, specifications and disclaimers
  • Store locator that automatically finds a store near you.

Secret Formula of growth = Magento 2

  • But why Magento 2?
  • Magento 2 collaboration has allowed multi layered growth
  • Optimal for multi-language approach application
  • Allows compelling business user interface
  • Allows Scalability; can follow growth and expand feature-set with modules
  • Permits End-to-end ecommerce expertise that goes beyond integration

Why Kinex Media for service partnership?

  • Kinex Media picks critically evaluated Key SEO battles and therefore we get the best bet and returns from the industry.
  • We are very thorough with report on ongoing optimization progress tracking to keep our customer aware of our every move.
  • Our policies are framed as per past knowledge & experience acquired and hence gives a blanket of security for customers to wrap themselves in.

Brief interaction with Lastman:

  • What were initial problems and challenges that were faced during the decision making progress?

Our entirety of the web existence being shifted from one platform to another brought us doubt and stress regarding the value loss, but we are amazed with Kinex Media and its expertise that multiplied our leads and widen our customer funnel after the migration.

  • How the platform does make the difference for your business?

We initially stepped forward with the legacy of ecommerce platform very early as compared to competitors. It was a turnkey solution, packed only off the shelf service. It was a bit high cost but with content creation, price pages, catalogues, and ecommerce offering return value for the cost. Kinex team have been very hands-on with everything.

  • What’s next with Magento 2 in-house?

Magento 2 has the potential of capitalizing multiple domains, currencies and language to direct them in the impeccable consumer experience. With the access in Magento 2 and digital growth framework supports the connections between our customers and boosts interactions and sales, allowing us to offer services that are In-tune of our customer’s necessities.

  • How was the transformation journey throughout?

We worried at first due to complexities involved in our pricing model. There were almost no ecommerce solutions that were packaged to handle integration with our ERP out of the box. So we were able to rule out a lot of platforms on that criterion alone. When we narrowed it down to Magento 2, and then Kinex Media for its final implementation, we knew we made the right decision from very start and it has been a right above from that point.


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