Concentrating on the conversion level is the key factor for all those looking for an improvement in sales volume.

Remember that the new goal is to increase revenue by 50%. The question then is, what technique can you achieve? What’s going through your mind-more publicity? More substance? More Advertising Investments? We would not say that this does not work as all this can surely help raising the sales. 

In this scenario, the rate at which sales will grow is low so the best you can do is rely on conversions.

Keep in mind that only an increase in revenue of 1 percent would compensate for an rise in gross revenues of 50 percent. All you need is a little tweak that can lead to a noticeable rise in conversion levels. This is a big tweak that we think can help you bring about a drastic rise in sales.

A/B testing

Conversion is all about rigorous research. You’ll need to concentrate on research to get the best results. You have to make sure you run a sufficient number of A / B checks on your website at a time.

It is not a straightforward job to formulate a perfect solution. However, you can take advantage of the great marketing platform when you go through the research.

Start with what to test:

Marketers have the skills that help them guess all those elements that they need to focus upon, and the elements they know fail to reach the conversion goals. Hence, they utilize all the available data to spot the essential projects. 

Individuals will have to weigh the future revenue that each of the tests fails to collect to make things as in what to start the testing with. The exams are to be graded accordingly.

Make sure you test only one theory at another time; it’s going to get difficult to evaluate, which shift has made the difference.

What are the things to test?

  • The title of the promotional deal should be compelling and convincing for readers. The iconic marketing strategist once quoted as David Ogilvy put it: “On average, five times as many people read the headline as the body copy does. It follows that you have lost 80 percent of your money if you don’t sell the commodity in your headline.
  • Keep the page layout and navigation as simple as possible.
  • Make sure that the promotional offer has been described and laid out most appropriately.
  • Please ensure the Call-To-Action is of the correct size, and so are the trigger buttons. Around the same time, the quotation used over the call for action should be compelling. If you ask the user to join you, for example, use ‘Join Now’ and ‘Sign up.’ CTA’s for software products will start with ‘demo/trial’ instead of ‘checkout/buy.’
  • Let the campaign play with different media. You can add a video that lets you communicate the key attributes.

What tools should be used for testing:

Buying expensive testing software even before you actually understand the conversion optimization process is nothing but a waste. Start with cheap yet effective options.

  • Google Content Experiments: This tool comes under Google Analytics and is available for free. However, the only downside is that it is not real-time and requires you to create two separate URLs for testing.
  • Optimizely: A/B testing software
  • Visual Website Optimizer: A/B testing software that is a bit cheaper but not available for small business owners

Just as testing is very easy to perform and causes the conversion rate to rise dramatically, there is no justification how you should not conduct testing. It can be fun when handled in the right way, and give you something new to know.

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