How To Increase Website Conversion Rate With A/B Testing

For all those who are seeking increase in sales volume, the most essential factor to concentrate upon the conversion rates. Consider that your existing goal is to increase the sales by 50%. In that case, the question is what strategy would you be achieving it? What is going through your mind – More advertising? More content? More investment in marketing? We would not say that this does not work as all this can surely help raising the sales. But, the pace at which sales would increase is low in this case so the best that you can do is to rely upon conversions.

Keep in mind that even 1% increase in conversion, will count for 50% increase in the overall sales. All that you need is a little tweak that can lead to significant rise in the conversion rates. Here is a major tweak that we suppose are going to help you in bringing dramatic increase in sales.

A/B testing

Conversion is all about thorough testing. To obtain best results, you will need to focus upon testing. You need to ensure that you are running a significant number of A/B tests at a time over your website. Designing a perfect solution is not an easy task. However, when you go through testing, you can avail that perfect marketing site.

Start with what to test:

Marketers have the skills that help them in guessing all those elements that they need to focus upon and the elements that they know fail to reach the conversion goals. Hence, they utilize all the available data to spot the essential projects. To make things as in what to start the testing with, you will have to consider the potential revenue that each of the tests manages to grab. You will have to rank the tests accordingly. Make sure that you test just one hypothesis at a time else it will get difficult to analyze, which change brought the difference.

What are the things to test:

  • The headline for the promotional offer should be convincing and believable to the readers. As per David Ogilvy, the legendary ad guru once quoted: “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. It follows that, if you don’t sell the product in your headline, you have wasted 80% of your money. “
  • Keep the page layout and navigation as simple as possible.
  • Make sure that the promotional offer has been described and laid out in the most appropriate manner.
  • Make sure that the Call-To-Action is of the right size and so is the order buttons. The quote used over the call to action should be convincing at the same time. For instance, if you are asking the user to join you, then use ‘Join now’ and ‘Sign up’. The CTA’s for software products should start with ‘demo/trial’ rather than ‘checkout/buy’.
  • Let the campaign play with different media. You can add a video that lets you communicate the key attributes.

What tools should be used for testing:

Buying expensive testing software even before you actually understand the conversion optimization process is nothing but a waste. Start with cheap yet effective options.

  • Google Content Experiments: This tool comes under Google Analytics and is available for free. However, the only downside is that it is not real-time and requires you to create two separate URLs for testing.
  • Optimizely: A/B testing software
  • Visual Website Optimizer: A/B testing software that is a bit cheaper but not available for small business owners

Since, testing is quite easy to conduct and brings in a massive rise in the conversion rate, there is no reason for why you should not conduct testing. When conducted in the best manner, it can be fun and offer you something new to learn.

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