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If you are searching out the ways to Migrate Magento 1.9 to 2.3 then you are at the right spot.

Let’s move step by step-

  1. Migrate Your Theme

To update to Magento 2.3.x from the Magento 1.9.x theme you will check whether or not the same Magento 1.9.x theme is available in the Magento 2.x edition or not?

  • If yes, then the same theme can be installed on Magento 2.x. It will simplify the migration process, and save your time as well.
  • If no, then either you can get the Magento Marketplace theme, or you can build your own theme.

Depending on the time and budget, you have that you can select a suitable option.

Migrate Theme Magento

  1. Migrate Your Extensions

It’s ill-fated, like the theme that you can’t re-use every existing Magento 1 extensions on the new store. In fact, these will not run properly on Magento 2 websites even if you make the customization.

For upgrade Magento 1.9.x for 2.3.x you will need to replace all of your existing Magento 2 modules with the new ones, especially blogs and reward points.

Migrate Extensions

  1. Migrate Your Custom Functions

Use the Magento’s Application Migration Tool to migrate your customizations. It will save your migration time, and efforts invested.

However, you’ll need to manually edit some of the created files after the migration process.

Migrate Custom Functions

  1. Migrate Your Data

The most crucial step is to migrate the database assets from the existing Magento 1.9.x store to the new store, which consists of products, categories, customer information, orders, etc.

You must first install the Data Migration Tool from before continuing with data migration and configure the Data Migration Tool for migration. The Data Migration Tool version should be the same as the Magento 2.x version.

Data Migration

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