With the latest Google Hummingbird update that happens to be the most significant search algorithm ever, Google indicates that it’s excellent news for online marketers. It will be encrypting the entire content of organic search terms. Meaning, apart from the data belonging to the paid search results, it would not be possible for the site owner or marketer to see the exact search terms used by their customers on Google.

Thus, making it essential to fine-tune the SEO strategy and incorporate the required changes so that you can breathe easy. Here are a few guidelines that will help you know how to get the content written in the right way.

Let us take a look:

Know Your Customer Well

Your website must have only that content that is helpful for your customers or end-users. The best strategy here is to consider your customer’s point of view. Also, you must understand what your customer’s exact content requirements are. Due to the changes in Hummingbird, knowing the correct search queries used by the end-users to search might not be possible. However, if your website has the customer-oriented content, then it cannot go wrong.

know your customer

Google’s Hummingbird update aim is to offer its users the most accurate answers to their queries. It is bettering to understand the intent of a search query so that it can process the most accurate answers. Thus, as a website owner or a marketing manager, you need to recognize the questions your clients have, so you have the appropriate solutions across your website and other mediums through which you market your site on the internet.

Google Hummingbird

Also, to update your content strategy, you need to focus on the keywords and content that is highly informational and valuable to your customer. It is among the best techniques to ensure that your content is found and shared across different places on the internet.

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After this, you will have quality content that will earn your website a good ranking.

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