Know How To Improve Your Website Usability Tests

Testing is an essential factor for determining how the website works. With testing, you can pick out all the weak elements from your site such as website speed that affects your E commerce performance greatly. As a whole, the usability tests can help in easing out the website experience greatly. For all those who have ever run a usability test before, will be acquainted with the fact that even though testing is not rocket science it has certain complexities attached to it. You will need to understand all the intricacies that are associated with testing. In this post, we will be sharing some tips that would help you in keeping your user test experience a pleasant one while improving your testing skills.

Usability Test Script should answer all research queries

When initiating a usability test, do not assume that your task is restricted to sidelining the major areas of website and asking the testers to work upon them. By solely relying upon this strategy, you can surely find useful insights but there are chances that when you come up with research queries, you are going to get bombarded with queries from the project stakeholders, which could get difficult to answer.


The best that you can do is to have a word with people whom you are answerable to and ask them about the key parameters that they want to seek answer for, through the research. As per the questions you get, create a list with some questions being prioritized as per relevance. In case, some questions hold zero relevance then the best that you can do is to get clarification beforehand. This way you will be able to design a testing schedule for all relevant modules.

Let the participants reach the right confidence level

The moment participants come ahead for testing, they develop a sense of confusion as in what needs to be done throughout the process. With them being under constant observation, it actually gets difficult to analyze what needs to be done next. Many of them are going to come up to get some guidance. Being too specific and controlling at the beginning of test, can make them even more confused, hence effecting the testing results.


Make sure that before you start the testing phase, you are making the users feel comfortable with the process. Encourage them to behave naturally without getting pressurized. Ask them to behave naturally and also suggest them about the direction they need to move in, to initiate the test. Offer them some pre-test questions to let them uncover the actual problem and come up with natural answers.

Let the users complete the task as per their direction

Some website owners simply set out tasks in the test script and this restricts the ability of users to conduct tests. Even when they have an approach of their own, they cannot implement it because of the restriction applied in the form of pre-assigned tasks.


Offer the users with the freedom to navigate the website and perform testing as per their vision. Allow them to go a little off the track and see what results they manage to come up with. You might feel that you have lost a little control or that the participant is not following your approach but will need to stay calm and eventually wait. There are chances for you to discover something very fascinating using this strategy.

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