Law firm websites update many blogs, articles, informational pieces, news and related stuff. They write well but are unable to get much coverage on the internet. WHY? Their posts have views but no responses, again WHY? Answering both the question is this article that has proven ways for you to learn to gain exposure to your law blogs. So go through the following like a Hawk.

Categorize Your Post & Link with Other Pages

By giving a proper category to your article and tagging along with the keywords, you can relate them to your website. For example, connecting the attorney profile pages, practice areas or the homepage to your content can give much value. It will bring much exposure to your website by having heavy traffic. Also, the blog that ranks high or has high traffic, then you can add a header, over it naming “Related Links,” where you can show your new blog post and related stuff.

Social Media

It is not necessary to have a great social media fan following to promote your blog. And lawyers do not have much unless they have hotshots working with them. But, no worries here, as applying these tricks will accomplish your goal.

Alert People by Tagging – Tagging people on social media to tell them that your content is a method you can use on Twitter.
• Tag Key Influencers – Tag those influencers that can do wonders for your content.

Some ways to reach out to key influencers is –

Influencer Marketing Stats• Shout out to people/companies on Twitter by including their handle whenever you tweet.
• Send direct messages mentioning true-good statements on LinkedIn.
• CC people or companies when sharing content that relates to them.

Share Blog Post Twice or More

Hootsuite sends a single tweet more than 40 times. By sharing the same piece, the life of content gets extended. Pay attention, Law Firms and do the same thing with your posts. Also, do test the time of the day when you share your post on social media. Sharing in the morning may be a flop, but doing it in the afternoon can get you results.

Do Email Marketing/Send Newsletter

Email marketing is an excellent method that if you leave it on the experts like MailChimp, Constant Contact and iContact; they will make it easy for you to have lots of email subscribers. Just write a post once a week or a monthly basis and rest they will handle.

Submit Guest Posts

Websites accepting guest posts have conditions like they only show exclusive content or show new stuff on the already published topic. If possible, then write something further on the subject previously published. This way, you can boost engagement, page views, give people ideas etc. Some legal publications are Legal Practice Today, Law Technology News, Law Practice Management and more.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are loved and hated. But when you or someone wants to share your content, then Hashtags play a decent role. Hashtags allow your content to be searched easily. Instagram and Twitter are the favorites here with their popular lawyer Hashtags being-
• #lawyer
• #attorney
• #lawfirm
• #legal
• #personalinjury
• #lawyerlife
• #law

The above sure will suffix to your needs only if you put them into practice. Who knows that you may learn some new tricks that you may someday post them all along the way.

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