List of Reasons Why SEO and Fitness Are Interrelated


Fitness trainers and SEO experts can relate each other on various things, like producing guaranteed results. It depends on a variety of factors, which needs study to understand before making assumptions. One concrete thing about SEO is that it’s truly hard like getting healthy. It needs time, dedication, right amount of knowledge and proper guidance to achieve desirable results. Yet sometimes, the results derived aren’t good because many things evolve with time and it drives us away from the aim.

Sports and SEO activities mirror each other.  Let’s find out correlation between them and learn what we can to enhance our SEO expertise.

  1. Guarantee

No matter what self-proclaimed SEO experts or marketing gurus say, ‘there’s less guarantee and that’s the truth’. Probably it’s the only thing one can tell without hesitating for a moment. I am sorry to tell you this even if you didn’t want to hear. I am sorry if it has bashed your cloudy picture of SEO and thrashed your dreams to the ground. However, it doesn’t mean that you have reached the dead-end.

Since planning and execution are the main pillars of SEO, the first–step is always taken by a client. For instance, when you join a GYM, your trainer doesn’t force you to do exercise or abduct you from your place and bring you to the Gym for training sessions. That step is always taken by you. Same is the case with SEO as your involvement is truly important for your business.

  1. Stamina

Either, it’s SEO or gym training, both needs long-term planning and incredible stamina to stick with the goal. One should have the determination to bear lasting results; otherwise, the whole motive of doing activities is useless.

If you see the stamina of marathon runners, only then you will understand how hard you need to train yourself to have a considerable amount of power to stick with what you are doing. Either stamina can be mental or physical. It depends on your SEO activities. Sometimes, you need to sit for hours in front of your laptop and find ways to optimize the website for higher ranking. Sometimes, you need to sit with your team and brainstorm ideas to drive targeted traffic.

  1. No Shortcuts

As a child we have been told many things about shortcuts and why such thing doesn’t exist, at least, if you want you to want to be highly successful in the long run. If you read about the greatest Olympians like Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps, then you will understand why they are the best in their fields, regardless of having so much competition. They had intense training days for years before the Olympics and they would continue on their plan for years and had achieved the feat before they announced their retirement.

Now consider yourself an athlete who wants to win a world cup championship or an Olympics, what you are going to do next? To find an awesome trainer who will help you to achieve the stardom and the end goal, but it all begins with you. Isn’t it? Before or even in the mid-way of your training can you give 100% guarantee that you will win the GOLD for your country? You can’t. Why because unimagined events can halt your juggernaut to success, perhaps?

Now you know why there’s no guarantee in SEO and why it’s a long process. It needs immense planning, hard work, dedication, the right amount of knowledge and ability to carry on until the goal is not achieved. Sometimes it takes a lot of time because of the events. Still, it’s a probability for the goals.

  1. Right Nutrition

Can you live without a good nutritious diet? Yes, you can live without it, but that would be inviting a lot of physical troubles. Without proper nutrition, the best planned and executed training regimen will never produce desired results.  Gym goers are health conscious, especially towards their nutrition intake because a lot of things depend on it.

Similarly, On-site SEO heavily depends on quality based backlinks. If you have a strong backlinking, then you have an edge over your rivals. Google spiders love websites that employ healthy backlinks from high authority websites. You enjoy various perks in doing so.

  1. Field Competition

In sports, its stamina, agility, passion, motivation, health, physique etc. elements that decide the future of an athlete, and how likely he can win a good sporting event by defeating his rivals.  Sometimes, it’s measured how ahead he was. Was it a close competition or he won by a long shot? These stats help an athlete to train for the next event by knowing his rivals’ strength and figuring his weaknesses to work upon.

Athletes like M. Phelps are gifted with a mesomorphic body that gives them an advantage over their rivals. But that happens very rarely. Not all sporting legends have had it easy. They worked hard what it took them to be number one. Unfortunately, not even one in SEO world has the kind of talent to stay ahead in the game.

Since Google works too strictly, it’s nearly impossible to get to the top just because you are gifted. You need to hone that gift with years of practice, right knowledge and need to have enormous managerial skills to win the game. Didn’t you hear that phrase, “Success doesn’t come easy”? It’s very true if you ponder it for a while.

  1. Best Efforts in Vain

Optimizing a website can be a daunting process and may eat you up alive. Nonetheless, it asks your entire energy and leaves you motionless at the end of the day. Does it mean that you should stop putting efforts? No, you can’t. You just can’t afford it; otherwise, you will be pushed by the industry experts or even by newcomers who are willing to give all it takes without thinking about the rewards.

Since the success isn’t guaranteed, no matter hard you train, there are chances that someone else like outranks you in the events. That’s a bitter truth to swallow and you have to bear it being an athlete. Even Michael Phelps lost some races in the later events in Olympics because newcomers were outshining him (in some events) – and he even decreased his participation in the number of events due to the aging factor.

  1. Motivation

Motivation is highly important. It helps to build a mindset that leads to face unwanted challenges and setbacks. Imagine yourself as an athlete who has to wake up at 4 a.m. and have an intense workout for the entire day. That may look like a good thing at first because it will keep you healthy, but when you try to do it every single day, you become obscure in repeating it and find the lack of motivation and probably start snoozing your alarm clock.

As discussed earlier, it’s not easy to continue what you are doing because a lot of people lack motivation or fail to get inspired. This also differentiates between a successful athlete and an ordinary one.

Motivation, however, doesn’t come with a success tag. It can only help you to stay on your track, energized and content. The fear of failure is always there in an event. Sometimes your rival does far better than you in the finals and you piss off yourself thinking where the mistake had happened. It just games of life and there are ups-and-downs.

In SEO, the motivations work when it’s hard to get strong backlinks. Moreover, Google’s updates like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird ruin entire hard work and the results disappear to back pages where no one ever comes. The inspiration works to survive in such competitive industry, where everyone is trying to optimize the page for the Google page one rank. And again, success isn’t guaranteed. Only you can learn from the failures to apply until the success doesn’t come home.

  1. Measuring Progress

Until you don’t measure your progress, you will never understand what you have achieved and what has still left. You need metrics to determine how long you still have to go.

Imagine yourself as a sprint runner who wants to create history in the upcoming event by bringing first ever sprint gold for his country. What are you going to do? You will see how hard you have to train to stay ahead of your competitors and what previous records were created at Olympics and will access all the data with your trainer to set certain metrics to achieve the glory.

Not every day is yours. Sometimes you perform well and sometimes you don’t even want to see your metrics. It happens.

SEO is similar to a sport. It’s hard to know the success until you don’t measure your success metrics. Since SEO is an on-going process and needs activity on a daily basis, it helps miles if you keep success record and find out what’s working and what is not. It will give you a clear glance to see the real picture and may eventually become your shining armor.

  1. Too good to be true

There’s no pill ever invented that can turn a couch potato into a world-class athlete. It needs intense training and the right approach to matching with the excellence of another athlete who has successfully proved his worth.

Similarly, if someone says that they can guarantee you the results, it means, you need to run away from that person. As discussed in detail in the article, there’s no guarantee of anything in this world. Even an Olympian can’t guarantee to win the Gold in the next event.

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