List of Useful Content Marketing Hacks To Transform Your Business

Content Marketing Hacks

Content Marketing is a way to invest in oneself. Since humans have used storytelling as a medium of sales, content marketing has been prevailing since then.

As a marketer, we often end up replying emails, writing to clients’ about the projects, overseeing team etc; and finally, call it the day after remaining busy with other creational activities. Is it worth of your time?

We believe that reading or writing isn’t equally important as running after leads and increasing business profits. While to some extent, this is true, but not always. Impactful marketing echoes far and wide and it keeps adding loyal customers to the business.

Mind that; creativity isn’t always fuming in your brain to create convertible write-ups. It literally builds over time. Over the time, we become so blunt and jaded while running after leads that we forget that other things matter, too. Just look at the long list of businesses who fail to create a feeling among their targeted audience about their brand that resulted in their downslope.
No matter if you are dreaming of building your eCommerce online empire or simply doing virtual marketing of your business including SEO, SMO, PPC, etc; creativity still matters the most.

A lot of top personnel in various MNCs or start-ups forget in investing them or forget to feed their mind and soul by doing creative activities to bring out unique ideas for businesses.

Content Marketing Institute, one of the most reputed companies that bring amazing stories on content marketing has shared amazing infographics on the history of content marketing.

“The best moments in reading are when you come across something – a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things – which you had thought special and particular to you. Now here it is, set down by someone else, a person you have never met, someone even who is long dead. And it is as if a hand has come out and taken yours.”  ― Alan Bennett, The History Boys

Content Marketing

Incepted by Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute, lists in the elite group companies whose keywords successfully rank above Wikipedia within their domain. According to industry surveys, if your selected keywords are ranking above than websites like Wiki, then you are doing something incredible with your marketing skills.

┼ How to Make Your ‘Content Marketing’ Campaign ‘Profitable’

  1. Focusing on the product over technology –

There’s no shortage of companies who keep running after new technologies that mess up their entire business system. Technology is way important, but not on the cost of business functioning. One step at a time.

WhatsApp is a prime example. In a short period, the app grew to a billion users, cornering every rival with ease. The WhatsApp team equally emphasized on Focus, Scalability, and Asset Building to build a platform for every age group. The application is not only enjoyed by youth, but business owners use it, too, for smooth streaming of media exchange and conversations.

Harvard Business Review (HBD) published a worth reading article that shares about the WhatsApp business model in-depth and how they created their product a brand, which brought Facebook with $200 billion in hands to buy it.

  1. Power to differentiate between Content marketing and Native Advertising

Kelsey Liebert (Director of Promotions at Fractl), took HBR to write an insight article about the subject. A lot of marketers and companies fail to differentiate between both the mediums and waste their resources without gaining better ROI.

Digital marketing outranked traditional marketing in terms of importance and investment. However, with the software’s like ‘Ad Blocker’ a lot of banner ads were being blocked automatically before they were even seen. In addition, a lot of customers use premium email services to escape from useless ads on their page and access other better features, altogether.

That’s why content marketing becomes valuable. Sponsored content is the key to gain views and influence targeted users by offering insightful and entertaining content, without pushing any product for sale.


  1. Using Easy-to-use Content Marketing Strategy-

Content Marketing may appear like a nightmare because it involves various elements to bring better ROI to client’s investment vested in your talent and resources. Brian Sutter (Director of Marketing for Wasp Barcode Technologies) emphasizes on developing a habit while doing this marketing technique because once you develop a habit, it will be easier to follow the track.

Brian took to Forbes and published a to-the-point article in which he thoroughly discussed creating content marketing strategies.

Without learning the trade, you may able to employ some good ROI, but eventually; you will be ticking content marketing bomb under the carpet. For instance; if you are running an eCommerce portal in Canada where the industry is still booming at a rapid speed, and able to publish your article on one of the authority sites, you still have to promote it from your end.

If you know the value of time and how much efforts it needs to create a valuable price of content that actually employs valuable information and exercises good writing skills, then you must know about reusing the content. Many companies publish the content and share once. That’s wrong. Considering time zone differences around the world, you gotta reuse, and recycle content time-to-time to squeeze valuable info from the content and present it to the world in an engaging way.

Question yourself about your business priorities. If you are running an e-commerce business, what really helps you in running your business, without needing to look for financial security on other resources? Is it:

  • New Leads Everyday
  • Better Traffic
  • Better Search Engine Ranking
  • Increase in FB likes

Which thing you’ll look for? New leads, isn’t? The answer lies in monetary transactions, which actually help you in running your business. For how long will you run the business without actually having any monetary conversion? Will web traffic matter then?



  1. 2016 is the year of Content Marketing Trends

In layman, 2016 is the dawn of content marketing importance. Over the past few years, people prioritized SEO over content that got sidelined from the race when Google updated its panda algorithms a few years ago. eBay was one of the examples that faced huge blow from the update and saw an awful drop in its ranking.

How many applications are in your smartphones’ that scream and plead for your attention? Even antivirus software like system clear reminds you often, but how much you really use them?

Aashish Chopra published an incredible write-up on LinkedIn Pulse that’s not only engaging but equally satisfying. Many agencies create content in bulk, but forget that human attention span is merely 8 seconds – and it’s going to decrease with the availability of the content.

Hence, you don’t really need to waste your time in crafting write-ups in a bulk. Rather, prioritize on creating value that will push the business in the race. Since the announcement of Oculus Rift acquired by Facebook, the virtual content (360*) view is getting viral.

Imagine yourself running a bakery, and you developed your business into a Magento portal. Now how you entice customers, especially local customers to either order from the portal, or come and dine in your bakery that offers beautiful ambiance? Using 360* view on your portal regarding your store will certainly itch better impact on niche customer base.

A lot of movie studios are experimenting different things in their movies. They know if 2 out of their 10 produced movies become overwhelmingly successful, then they don’t have to look at the cost of other 8 produced.

Be obsessed with experiments. Try new things in your content. Try new things in the marketing of your write-ups. Be addictive to create value in best possible way and guide the industry through your well-fitting example.



  1. Turning an idea into several months of content marketing-

While doing content marketing for any type of organization, you have to drop the idea of personal blogging and dive into the bigger ocean to collect pearls of wisdom and elaborate them in series of posts.

Best example would be a TV series. The storyline centers around one idea which has a compelling story and connects everything with series of episodes. And in each episode, the characters have a task to do, or they do something that pushes storyline further.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you came across an idea that needed more than one blog post, but on other note; you weren’t ready or wanted to write an e-book?

Note that 60-70% content goes unread. Same is with the books. Millions of books have been penned, but only a few sees the dawn of the day; rest of them sees back rows in the bookstores’ shelves.

Roger C. Parker, one of the top performing bloggers in Content Marketing Institute, admitted the problem of not getting started with an idea that could move mountains but didn’t know where to start because of the word count.

Remember every story has a beginning, middle and an end. And, you reach post in the series of pitching an idea should have to. It will urge readers to wait for the next post, just like Games of Thrones fans wait for.



  1. Words are ultra powerful-

If words can break someone’s heart, then they can literally build, too. Words have a powerful to infuse motivation, inspiration in a tired body to accomplish tasks.

Words spark emotions and can move people to do something unimaginable. In the year 2010, “The power of Words” short film created a huge buzz around the globe and turned out to be an incredibly hit on the web.

We as society often remain lost in our daily chores that we forget to look at the horizon and feel the warmth of life. Similar things are with the marketing world. Stories what makes things come alive. Words have that power.





Why new words brought so many people forward to donate to the blind man? Well, new words created an emotional connection between the man and people around him. They empathized with his feelings and related with their own. Apply this on your business. Create an emotional touch. If you are running an eCommerce portal, create a bond with your customers.  Make availability of products at the best price in the market, a world-class customer support, and unmatched logistics for timely delivery.

┼ Knowing the Difference Between Content and Content Marketing

  1. Some Visually Appealing Stats That You Must Know

Textual content does not always bring the kind of attention to the subject, which visually does. Visual, however, is much more effective only if it’s served right and blended with the right information, which is easy to digest and acknowledge for visitors/readers.

Larry Kim, one of the world-renowned authors on digital marketing and founder of Wordstream, took to and revealed some of the interesting facts about visual content that you may consider for your future marketing strategy.




  1. List of Content Marketing Tools That Is Too Good To Ignore

Neil Patel, the content marketing maestro has listed down 75 tools for content marketing that are meant to ignite the entire campaigns and push efforts to new heights. The listed tools are a goldmine only if you know how to use them at the right time, at the right place.