I know what drags you here, a keen desire to know about the migration of Website to WordPress. Isn’t it? Well, there is no doubt to say how fantastic WordPress is!

Most of you heard about WordPress. Nevertheless, do you know what it is and how amazingly it works?

  • WordPress is the most trusted and popular Content Management System.
  • It is the top-ranking CMS tool with no more coding, easy to update, self-hosted, and many more cool features.
  • Developers highly recommend it all around the world for its reliable and time-saver characteristic.

WordPress migration Process

If you surely want to transfer your website to WordPress, then you are on the right page. There is a process that you have to follow to do a perfect migration to WordPress.

Hither, we give you a comprehensive overview of the steps to migrate from any website to WordPress.


  • The initial step is to create a backup that is the essential part of the transformation. This Backup includes all the primary uploaded content, theme files, previous plugins and other databases.
  • It saves time and your resources as well. Make sure you use secure backup tools, such as phpMyAdmin and  MySQL Desktop client

 Ground Check

Let’s talk from the beginning of analyzing a website. WordPress generally powers two forms of a website, one is a source websiteand another is a target website. The source website is known to be currently an online site. However, we define two types of source websites:

  • A website that is running on a CMS
  •  Non-CMS powered site

We may explain it further for you to let you understand it in detail for the work ahead.

Migrating from another CMS tool

  • If you have a source website on any CMS platform, it might be an excellent fortune to use a WordPress plugin to aid the migration procedure.
  • There are over 53 migration tutorials in the list of WordPress codex to import the content from various content management solutions or platforms. If your CMS is on the list, then follow the necessary steps for migration. If it is not, then you need to check out the WordPress Plug-in Repository

Migrating from a Static Website

  • The manual transformation from a static website to WordPress is complex; nonetheless, it is essential. It will be a solid learning process for you. While having proper control over your site content makes it more convenient.
  • The process of migrating the site from manual to WordPress provides you with a great experience of learning every feature of the later one.

Building and Execution of a dense Migration plan


  • Importing the content: It is compulsory to organize the data you wish to import on the site. Make a note and mention all the details you want to add or remove. It will be helpful for you in creating your website.
  • Choose a web hosting service: Wishing to run a website in a shared hosting environment? PHP and MySQL are available for hosting. Well, if you are already receiving a high-traffic on your site, you should opt for dedicated hosting instead of a shared one.
  • Keep SEO on track: While planning your content, make sure to capture the SEO. The Metadata needs to mention accurately. If recently your website follows custom URLs, then make sure to add a redirect plugin to manage them accurately.
  • Toss between the Current & New Themes: With all the content in WordPress, now it’s the design stage. While many of us would like to stick to the older design, a few want a new design and layout. There are thousands of themes available within WordPress for specific businesses. Choose from several classic themes and use them on your website. Before migrating the design, you should keep in mind that the site’s style will match the source code in the browser. If it fits perfectly, then it will make your site more engaging and proficient.
  • Choose the Backup & plugins: To ensure that your site is always protected, you should install a WordPress backup and a plugin for security as soon as possible. In addition, there are a few options from which you can choose. But it is always best to go with plugins that are updated regularly, as they offer good support.
  • E-commerce: Besides WordPress will be an incredible source if you’re planning to launch an e-commerce store. Using Woo Commerce provides you exclusive themes of plugins. It gives an awesome e-commerce plugin for free.

WordPress migration plugin

The plugin will help you to move WordPress from one server to another. While doing this, it doesn’t affect the functionality of the site. Instead, it provides better hosting after moving.

Here are the numerous reasons why it is good for you:

  • It provides a better hosting mobilization. By better, we mean lower charges, efficient loading time, and a good push to the site.
  • It gives a kick to local WordPress sites to engage with a live server.
  • It moves a site to the leading directory from a subdomain.

Use of Plugins

  • Plugins can be the culprit also. While using migration plugins, you must ensure their quality. Otherwise, they can play with your files too. Always check your plugins with your host to make sure that they are compatible.
  • If we are talking about using standard plugins, Duplicator should be an excellent choice. It is one of the most popular plugins that is used to migrate WordPress site files over to a new location.
  • It is an attractive solution for backing up your files to a local machine. It takes only a click to select the item, and you can download it wherever you want.
  • Even you can take a live site to pull it into the local atmosphere for additional development.
  • It also includes the features for theme reuse, staging, and removal of unwanted sources from import or export.

Wrapping up

After following the concept, you must realize that migrating to WordPress is indeed the wisest decision ever. It not only amazes you with its classy features but also provides you self-access. Its versatility makes it capable of handling most of the genuine requirements of a web owner or a blogger.

It allows you to update your content in a persistent and accessible mode. Here, I tried to mirror you with all the essentials of the migration process. Still, if you have any queries, we are pleased to help you.

We are looking forward to your precious reviews and comments!

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