Modern technology enables businesses across industries to operate efficiently, enter new markets, reach new audiences, and sustainably grow. In the digital business world, we realize new businesses enter a competitive field because they can sell faster, acquire leads, and reach prospects.

 A website is one of the essential requirements for operating a business online. However, do you understand the power of a website? Or perhaps, is there a need for a redesign?

 A website is a welcoming portal, a brand’s identity, a salesperson, and a marketing tool. It can represent your business, attract prospects, and cross physical boundaries. With that, a brand needs to maintain a functional website, keep it updated, and make necessary changes to serve its purpose.

 Website changes are vital as they keep the pages alive to serve the intended purpose, so it’s never a surprise when leading companies like Apple and Twitter showcase redesigns.

 Do I Need a Redesign?

 In case new to the digital world, you may never know when a redesign is necessary. However, you might start noticing a decline in traffic flow, leads, and performance. Also, reasons for a redesign vary from business to business, meaning you have to keep watch of your business website.

 Consulting a web designer is necessary to help you understand whether you need a partial or a complete redesign. Sometimes performance issues may arise from other factors. With a partial redesign, just a few aspects of a site are updated, whereas, with a full website redesign, the entire process begins from scratch.

 Either way, one must seek the services of a good developer. You may want to work on the visuals, but updating the code is also a must. Your information architecture may also be perfect, but updating the codebase can benefit your business.

 Redefining your website goals and creating a benchmark can help you understand whether you need a redesign or not. On the other hand, although you may have your preferences, consider the needs of your customers. Content style, UX preferences, and navigation should favour the user.

 Pay heed to the nature of the redesign you need; a partial redesign may produce inconsistency, and this may harm your brand’s credibility. If working with a tight budget, ensure that professional website solutions are sought and that all aspects are evaluated.


 Why a Redesign

 Here are some of the benefits of a website redesign;

 It’s an Investment

 Creating a website isn’t a simple task and certainly not a cheap one. Website projects are long-term investments, and they require ample time and resources. Any input impacts the business either positively or negatively. By redesigning a website, you revive your brand identity, and it can help keep you closer to your audience. On the other hand, it’s necessary for re-branding purposes.

 For quality outcomes, one must hire a good web design agency to craft the website. If you need a customized site, that may require more investment depending on the scale of the project. Similarly, a website redesign requires an experienced web designer to make the necessary changes and keep the site fully functional.

The total cost of a website redesign depends on factors like;

  • The type of web designer
  • The scale of redesign needs

Additional services like Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, graphic design may influence your redesign costs.


Helps Stay in Range with Technological Advancement 

 A website redesign gives an online merchant a chance for an upgrade. An outdated site creates a gap that can affect your rankings and brand perception. Modern technology helps websites stay functional and trendy. This helps to attract more visitors, leads, and prospects. Also, it shields the site from security breaches.

Besides, website redesign helps a business utilize the latest and agile solutions to remain competitive. Although there is no specific time for a redesign, most online businesses realize the need every two years or less.

 Mobile Site Optimization

 More than half of web traffic (54%) comes from smartphones worldwide, which shows how optimizing a site for mobile users is crucial. Slow loading pages increase bounce rates making competitors take advantage of your audience. If your website isn’t responsive, takes more than 5 seconds to load, and is unattractive, a redesign can help your website regain power.

Think of a “Mobile-First” approach if you wish to tap into the power of a responsive website design. Creating a delightful experience for mobile users produces an edge over your competitors.


 Upgraded Functionality

 Internet users expect the best experience whenever they visit a site and certainly prefer convenience. It is why many sites utilize chatbots, filters, live chats, third-party tools, and multi-language content capabilities to enhance user engagement. A website redesign can help you get a clean layout, easy to navigate and an easy-to-use site. Other functionalities to facilitate site management like SEO tools, advanced analytics, extended integrations, and a seamless front-end interface improve a site’s performance. A redesign can also help you declutter pages to produce a professional outlook.


  How Often to Redesign a Website?

There is no specific time for a website redesign, but your need for a redesign will depend on the needs of your business. Other aspects include technology changes, customer expectations, evolving industry, trends, among others. Most companies consider a website redesign every 1.5-3 years; however, it all depends on whether there is a business problem to tackle.

 In case your site isn’t performing as expected, this could be a reason for a website redesign. Low conversions, poor load speed, an outdated CMS, poor user experience could require a website redesign.


 Can Any Web Designer Handle Redesigns?

 Web design agencies can handle website redesigns perfectly well, whether the best solution is a partial or custom redesign. However, not everyone may afford the charges of a web design agency. In any case, it’s best to offer the project to an experienced web designer to avoid detrimental effects on the website ranking.

 Also, poorly performed website redesigns can cost you in the future, leading to an aggravated budget. Websites are essential assets for modern businesses, and they have to be designed seamlessly to represent a brand. An experienced web designer will help you understand the changes required for a website. This will help offer the best user experience and prep the site for better leads.


 We Can Help! 

 A website is a marketing tool used to promote any good or service of a company. It is currently the best sales and marketing platform you can ever get. If your business was in hibernation, this is the best time for a website redesign. Upgrading a website with the latest technology and features renders it user-friendly, secure, and scalable.

 If you have several worries about ranking and performance, it’s possible to redesign a website without jeopardizing the rankings. As an award-winning website design Toronto company, we follow the best practices when redesigning a site for the best outcomes. We offer tailored website redesign solutions to supercharge businesses to achieve their goals smoothly.

 We can help identify what works for your business and customers before settling down on a particular redesign. We will analyze the present rankings, help you determine website goals, optimize existing content, and set up 301 redirects.


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