Top WordPress Themes for Your Website with Ads


Everyone focuses on putting engaging content on their websites to increase traffic and conversions. But the ultimate reason behind this is to generate revenue through the site with the help of ads and sales. Ads are essential for earning through websites or blogs that just show content rather than selling products. With an endless number of sites on the internet, you need to focus on generating highly creative and exciting content to attract audiences while earning through ads. So for this, you need to focus on getting a theme for your WordPress website that ensures you make a higher amount of money through the ads.

Here is our list of top 10 AdSense themes on WordPress-

1. Truemag

It is one of the most managed and arranged theme that has ad hotspots advantageously at the perfect places on your website so that user experience is not hindered while these users see these ads perfectly as well. This theme works best for Woo Commerce as well, with the help of infinite sidebars,  mobile responsiveness and easy translation to make it readable for global readers.

Truemag WordPress Theme

2. Newspaper

As the name suggests, this theme is a digital newspaper that makes this quite great for displaying ads. Being one of the most popular themes, it has complete compatibility for Google Ads and AdSense, making this theme an excellent medium for earning a high amount of money from your website. Newspaper also has smart content blocks that help in more natural website development, a simple menu for straightforward navigation & an inbuilt review section.
Newspaper WordPress theme

3. DizzyMag

It is a theme that works fantastically for Woo Commerce websites and has the AdSense integrated adequately so that you earn significant amounts of money from your website. With the help of effortlessly blending review section and ad hotspots, your content even displays in the best possible way.
Dizzy mag WordPress Theme

4. Grimag

With a lot of ad hotspots, this awesome theme provides you with the finest online earning choices. You can easily display ads effectively without causing any distractions to your customers while they are reading content. It is a highly responsive theme that has added short codes and is SEO optimized.
Grimag WordPress Theme

5. GoodLife

It is a very explicitly designed theme that provides you with various ad banner sections for more comfortable product promotion while increasing the number of clicks and in making affiliate commissions. With the integrated social icons, a striking carousel and the famous Visual composer plug-in, this theme has it all.
Goodlife WordPress Theme

6. Herald

It is an ad and news-oriented theme that can help you in raising money in more ways than one. By keeping the ad banners on the landing page, articles and also displaying the best products and content to your audience in a highlighted way, you can quickly raise money. With more than 500 article layouts, you can easily alter the theme using customized widgets and four pagination types; this theme will serve you with all the functionalities.
Herald WordPress theme

7. Goliath

This theme is an imposing theme with an inbuilt product rating system that helps in increasing the engagement rate and also utilized an advanced ads system for adding Google AdSense & customized image banners. You can even set up a forum with bbPress or an online shop with Woo Commerce.
Goliath WordPress Theme

8. Admania

This spectacular theme is based on an AdSense template and works great for the strategists working in the affiliate marketing field while raising extra amounts of money. This theme has five different layouts with sections that ensure higher conversion by placing ads effectively. With secure ads integration on the homepage, sliders, and sidebars and in the posts, you can quickly get more conversions. This theme is entirely responsive, can translate content and three boxes for users to subscribe.
Admania WordPress theme

9. HotNews

HotNews enhances the site speed so that it can rank well on search engines. HotNews offers two unique layouts- one dedicated to creating viral content and the other one that suits regular blogs more. In either one, you’ll find apt white spaces placed strategically so that all the designs and content proportions remain in harmony. You can make use of unlimited colour schemes, customizable widgets and embedded social media buttons and links. HotNews promotes a sense of advertisements in the most profitable way possible.


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