What is Affiliate Marketing? How it Works?

Affiliate Marketing

An Affiliate is an individual or an associate who works with others to carry forward their motive.

Now if you know the meaning of the word “Marketing”, and you combine it with Affiliate, the whole term becomes the most searched title of the internet.

It is real people search for Affiliate Marketing (AM) every minute. However, the city that never sleeps, New York (USA) has a low count on AM search. Apart from that, all around the globe from amateurs to professionals, every one of them is after AM.

  • One reason is to increase AM knowledge.
  • Another is raising sales prospects with new knowledge.

Moving ahead, in this blog, you will get

  • To know the origins of AM.
  • To learn the fundamentals.
  • Expert advice.
  • To learn unknown terms.
  • FAQs


Affiliate marketing got started by an individual in 1994 who patented his invention. Through AM, his company had had more than 2500 affiliates around the world.

When the word spread about AM, soon others followed suit. Many industries all over the web started affiliate programs and gave away excellent commissions to affiliates selling their products and services.

Since its inception, AM became one of the fastest-growing business models for e-commerce websites.

Affiliate-Marketing ProcessBasics

People become affiliates to earn money.

Many big and small e-commerce companies offer people the chance to be their online sales partner via affiliate programs.

Post joining the program, affiliates need to sell company products/services through their blog or website.

If affiliates can make a sale, they then receive a commission.



Nothing special is required from an individual to become an affiliate.

If you have some copywriting and digital marketing skills, then surely the chances of making a sale are possible.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

  1. Join any affiliate platform
  2. Select a product or service to promote (You will get a unique referral link)
  3. Promote these campaigns via Blog, Facebook or Google Ads, Social media etc
  4. When someone makes a purchase from your affiliate link.
  5. You will get the affiliate commission.

Affiliate marketing of products
Example – Amazon products

Affiliate marketing of services
Example – Bluehost hosting services

How To Start Affiliate Marketing With Blog or Site

  1. Start a blog ( Get guide on how to start a blog )
  2. Pick a niche for your blog that is suitable for you.
  3. Choose the affiliate offer that you can advertise
  4. Create content for those products
  5. Drive traffic to your blog
  6. Create a funnel to refer users to a third-party site.
  7. Encourages users to make a purchase.

Different Methods To Promote Affiliate Campaigns

  • You can Blog.
  • Use Facebook to drive traffic to your product, promoting landing pages.
  • Have a Youtube Channel.
  • Podcast
  • Webinar

Choose from the above matching your skills.

  • If you can write, then write a blog.
  • If you know how to use social media, then use it to promote products.
  • If you can speak well then make audios for a podcast.
  • If you can do the entire above, do a live chat with the audience on the internet (webinar).
  • If you are confused, then the advice is to start a blog about the product or service of the company you want the affiliation.
  • After publishing your blog, you need visitors (traffic) to see what your blog is conveying.
  • One way of sourcing traffic is through social media.
  • Facebook (FB) and Youtube are both superb outlets to do business. Make an account on both and create an ad on them having a link to your blog.
  • Social media people will buy stuff from your site only if they like your material.
  • You see, how all of the above ways can be used together to achieve results.
  • Blogging is not necessary to promote third party products, but blogging is one of the most effective and cheapest ways to affiliate marketing.

With the minimum investment, you can learn a lot over time. The smartness will increase your dedication to work for your affiliate business to grow.

Essential Affiliate Marketing Terms

Some affiliate marketing terms you may not have heard about are:

Marketplace – The place to look for affiliate programs. Some examples include Commission Junction, Shareasale, and Click bank. These samples will offer you work in different niches.

Software – Third-party companies use affiliate program software for their product — for example, FirstPromoter.

Affiliate Link – The link that tracks the affiliate program’s progress, and offers promotion accordingly.

Affiliate ID – Similar to the affiliate link, an affiliate ID is unique which you add to any page of your blog site.

Payment Mode – Method of transferring money through wire transfer Cheque, PayPal, etc.

Affiliate Manager – Many companies provide affiliate manager assistance to new affiliates. The managers guide newbie with website optimization tips.

Commission Percentage – The amount set in commission an affiliate receives from every sale.

2-Tier Affiliate Marketing – Here, you can recommend others to join your affiliate program. If they join and make a sale, then you receive a cut from their sale. Just like multi-level marketing this earning method is also called sub-affiliate commission.

Landing Page – The page where visitors will come to buy the product you offer through your affiliate program. You can have multiple landing pages considering which converts the best.

Custom Income – Many companies offer custom affiliate income to affiliates giving them business by making more product sales.

Link Clocking – Many URLs of affiliate tracking links are improper. Using link clocking sites like Thirsty Affiliates, URL shorteners, etc., you can turn unreadable links for the viewers.

Custom Coupons – Many affiliate programs have custom coupons for affiliates to give a discount to increase affiliate sales. Also, you can track its status.

Some Basic Queries

How much money affiliate marketers make?

Affiliate marketers earn from nothing to millions of dollars a month. The key to earning big is in the process you are using. If using PPC ads or blogging, then see which one is the most effective.

Is it necessary to have a blog?

Not mandatory, but blogs are the best way to promote anything. If you have a blog, you can use several modes of advertising to promote third party products. Most affiliates have a blog. Try one for yourself.

What are the charges to join an Affiliate Program?

You will spend Zero money to join an affiliate program. The money you spend is on your promotion technique. For example, the cost of advertising has several methods and packages.

When Affiliate Marketers get paid?

  • The number of products sold.
  • Encourage online visitors to fill up online contact form, sign merchant newsletter, download files etc.
  • Getting click on merchant website links on an affiliate site.

Is affiliate marketing illegal?

No, affiliate marketing is not illegal. Only the products sold through your website may be unlawful. You must research the same from your end.

How to Find Affiliate Programs?

You can do an online search by entering the phrase (product name) + affiliate program to get results.

Or you can add an extension on Google Chrome named Affilitizer, which helps you find lots of affiliate programs.

Also, as mentioned in the terminologies above, you can use marketplace websites for a start.

How to select the right affiliate product to promote?

Related to the method and topic you are writing on your blogs, you need to select the product. Else, research on the products selling like hotcakes and those that are not.

Which affiliate marketing strategies to follow?

  • Sell products or services you have full knowledge of.
  • Work with multiple third-party sellers.
  • Increase conversion rates.
  • Follow up traffic sources.

How to be Successful in Affiliate Marketing?

  • Show your intelligence and knowledge in your blogs, websites, podcasts etc. on the products you are affiliated.
  • Review products
  • Do cross-promotions
  • Work with the current trends

Does Adsense work with Affiliate Marketing?

You can use Adsense with affiliate marketing only if the program suits their guidelines.


  • Affiliate marketing is suitable for those wanting to supplement their income.
  • The income will increase with the increase in the products sold.
  • If you have the motivation to work as an affiliate marketer, then nothing can stop you. You will work without worrying, even if you do not sell a single item.
  • Success in affiliate marketing depends on skill.

By following the approach mentioned above, you get the start and the manner to engage the audience and convert them into sales.


How affiliate marketing works?

Affiliates promote third-party products and services on their site. The consumer clicked on ads and redirected them to the landing page. When the users buy something on the merchant site, and then the affiliate gets paid.

How affiliates earn money?

Affiliate marketing is a commission-based method, and The merchant pays a share of the amount to affiliates on every transaction made through their promotions.

Is it necessary to have a blog for affiliate marketing?

Not necessarily, you can promote offers can any platform you want, but blogs are the best option to promote affiliate offers. Blog with good traffic helps to earn more.

How much does it cost to join an affiliate program?

Affiliate programs are easy to signup and do not require any fees most of the time, but some sites require small fees. Each affiliate network has its specific requirements for joining.

How much money affiliate marketers make?

Affiliate marketers earn from zero to millions of a month. The key to making money is in the process you are using. Every marketer needs a lot of experiments and patience to earn money from the internet.

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