Are You Building Your Own Website? Stop It … NOW !

Building DIY Website STOP Mistakes

It’s not a new thing when we hear small business owners repeatedly saying that they can build a website of their own and can save money that goes in hiring a digital agency. Well, people love running to the dead end and eventually have to seek for the help after they find no way to reach the goal, or maybe they tried pole vault but broke their dream. Ouch!

Nowadays, nearly everyone knows someone who play with the features of Photoshop/Coral Draw or have developed Word Press/HTML projects during their college projects and presented or probably graded the best in the class. How far it can be related to doing an actual work on a website that will be competing with countless other competitors that have successful gained attention and have carved their place with a shovel through hard work – or maybe they have sealed with place with good quality cement? HA!

If you are the one who is looking to save money, make sure, you read the following reasons carefully before doing it all over again after you invest your time in overseeing the free stuff or less paid things.

Lack of Professional Guidance

Web Designing peers and digital space professionals and maestros love web designs by the oatmeal. You can see how a person’s desire or limited knowledge push him onto the wrong path and steer him away from the much awaited digital success. To get something, you have to lose something – and this also applies when it comes to building a website.

In the Oatmeal comic, the website owner makes bad choices even after having an experienced web designing team. However, without web designing team, you may feel that you are going in the right direction, but you won’t be having the experience to tell the difference for the best practices and can bring your attention to ongoing industry trends and such things.

lack of professional guidence

Another key thing that you are going to get from an experienced web designer is the industry experience which comes from working on different businesses projects with different goals. It shapes the mind of the designer and he can seek ideas where others see nothing. That’s what experience does– and designers are no exceptions.

Hence, an experienced web designer offers best practices to make your website stand out from the crowd. Moreover, increased visits, lead generation, or cart checkouts are main elements to consider before finalizing your decision regarding the design or building website of your own.

Let’s say; you want to sell products on your website, then you don’t want fancy widgets or any other thing that can take your visitors away or become barricade between you and your customers. You want to incorporate right approach in your website that can bridge the gap and you can see an increase in your sales.

Lack of monitoring and support

No one would like to live a day seeing the huge drop in the web traffic and the cause remain unknown. How horrific business moments that can be? If you haven’t hired a digital agency to build your website, you will never know the real reason why it’s happening. Leave about finding the reason, in most cases, you will not even know it’s happening to your website.

Lack of Monitoring and Support

Before hiring us, many of clients witnessed a huge drop in their virtual sales, and worst, some websites were down, which is truly awful in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and web credibility. Moreover, making design or creating/adding functionalities can be costly and time-consuming, especially if you don’t have a web development agency, managing your website.

Sometimes, people hire an agency until the project doesn’t get completed. Now the money they save here is for the website maintenance, which can be a real game changer, especially when you are in the race and can’t afford to lose your ranking or web traffic. And if in case you get a problem during your website run, you will have to shelve out extra bucks to the designer or developer to understand the current set up and finding the issue etc.

If you have a consistent web agency, you will not face this kind of problems. Moreover, they will share their knowledge of the best practices.

Lack of Editing Control Post-Launch

Now the problem arises at the time of making changes. If you don’t have a webmaster expert who looks after your website, then it means you are going to do it yourself. and, if you haven’t set up a website yourself or have zero to no knowledge, then you are entering in the danger in dangerWe have a client that was dependent on the designer for any changes -and he’s running a reputed e-commerce website in Canada. What really matter is having the control or admin panel to manage the website once the lead developer/designer does its job. It gives you the room to upload new products especially if you are running an e-commerce website.

Get your business website designed by professionals

There are advantages of choosing a web development company over an individual web designer/developer or an acquaintance/friend that work for less. Often it has been observed that clients spend more afterwards when they try to get a cheap website developed because at the end; they have to shelve out more money in order to improve the website’s performance. Chances are; the web company has to redesign the features or fix the issues, and imagine the cost and time it will need to fix the issues to meet the end goal.

Design website by Professional