Online business is a big deal these days, and if it’s so, would you hire any web designer to take on your project? A website is the face of a brand, and many customers plus potential ones make their decisions depending on their experience on a website. 75% of modern consumers confess making judgements on a company’s credibility based on its website design. That means; a powerful website guarantees a stable digital presence. 

 A Dive into Website Design.

 When embarking on online business, there are a few decisions you will have to make;

 Ø  Whether to hire a web design agency or a freelance web designer. 

Ø  To opt for a custom web design or…?

 Whichever way, you need a professional business website that is beautifully curated to enhance credibility, customer acquisition and pave the way for business growth in the long run. Like window shopping, many of the customer’s decisions are made before walking into a store. That means that the best first impressions will fetch quality traffic or customers.

A Dive into Website Design

 Who to Hire: A web design agency or a freelance web designer?

 There is a range of factors to look at before making a final decision regardless of whether you’re a startup or require a website revamp. Let’s assess the former and the latter.


 There is no doubt that some freelance web designers are good, but they may not be suitable for every project. If you’re starting small and limited on resources, then a freelance web designer is a good choice. However, if you’re working on a sizeable project that requires extended needs and experience, then a web design agency is an ideal option. A given agency will possess a spectrum of expertise for B2B and B2C web design solutions across industries.

 Website design isn’t merely about the look and feel of a website but the way it works. With an agency, a specialized team is appointed to work on your project dedicatedly, and this means a team with excellent design skills and the latest technical knowledge.

Expertise in cms


 Technological advancements author new trends annually, and if you’re considering website design solutions, you may want to look at the new trends. There are ever new plug-ins, features and tools that web design agencies utilize to stay at the summit. Modern web design solutions consider PWA (Dynamic Web Applications), VR and AR (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality) and Chatbots, AI (Artificial Intelligence). These solutions help in providing the best user experience and can make your website the best asset.


 In-House Creativity 

 A web design agency has resources placed for all project sizes for customers to get what they want. Whether a template or a custom website, an in-house team is fully dedicated to your project. Web design agencies normally have project managers that oversee the progress of a project, which isn’t the case with a freelance web designer. They are their masters and may fail to identify loopholes in a project. Also, a web design agency can help you draw business insights for your website to prep for scalability.

In House Creativity

 Capacities & Resources

 A well-structured website guarantees the best results in the long run, like conversions, leads, and business growth. Web design agencies guide their web designers and ensure that they are equipped to perform all tasks. It’s usual to find specialized talent for personalized attention under departments like web design, web development, and content creation. They possess skillsets for InVision Studio, Sketch, Adobe XD, UXPin, WordPress, Magento, and Shopify, unlike freelance web designers who might be localized to a specific area, 

Capacities & Resources


 Creating a website requires consistency, and a dedicated team can oversee that. In-house web designers showcase consistency in every project because they are dedicated to a project at a single time. When compared with a freelance web designer, the results may not always be the same if there is a lack of correlation in projects. In web design, consistency is a critical factor that guarantees a fully functional website. It means that the website elements are aligned to work harmoniously.


 Larger Portfolio

 The best way to know what a web designer can do for you is by looking at the previous work. Assess the nature of the projects and whether you can get the same results. Any successful website must be attractive with properly aligned features. Depending on its existence, a web design agency will have a more extensive and reliable portfolio across industries than a freelance web designer. If you’re an enterprise-level business, you surely need a convincing portfolio and a designer with a solid reputation to influence your decision.

Larger Portfolio

 Comprehensive Solutions

 Web design agencies offer various services that include web development, branding, search engine optimization (SEO), Email marketing, social media marketing, Content Creation and Pay Per Click (PPC). Any enterprise-level business would need a one-stop destination for extended solutions like testing, web hosting, troubleshooting, security updates, page optimization and customer support. If you prefer focusing on running your business, hiring a web design agency would be the best option as they can handle almost everything compared to a freelance web designer.

Comprehensive Solutions


 Freelance web designers are highly flexible, meaning that they can embark, pause, or terminate the project at any time. However, they may lack resources to deal with complex changes and project needs. On the other hand, a web design agency may not be so flexible, but it can handle small to large projects. Another fact is that most of them are customer-oriented, meaning that they pay heed to your needs and requests and tailor resources to meet them. 


 Detailed Processes

 Web design agencies follow a tested course of action that equips them to understand the cores of a project, business needs, and goals. Normally it involves consultation, planning, design, development, testing, launching, and promotion. A freelance web designer may only be versed in designing a website but not launching it. Depending on your needs, a web agency will also conduct competitor analysis, keyword identification, and promotion to ensure that you have a powerful online presence.


 Bespoke Solutions

 Positive impressions are everything for a website, and professional web design agencies follow trends to offer something exceptional for clients. Let alone that, many of these have an eye for UI and UX design and prove to be the best if you require a custom approach. If you have a large project, a web design agency might have the best-in-class technologies and solutions for a seamlessly designed website.


 Cost Wise

 On a clear note, don’t settle for something “cheap” because you only get what you pay for in the modern world. Working with a freelance web designer means paying for simply the work done and not the overhead costs. You can also cut down costs by pulling out when you change your mind, but this is ‘okay’ for small projects. 

 Premium solutions undoubtedly cost much but promise the best user experience on a business website. Besides, web design agencies have plans that ensure that you run your project on a friendly budget. Avoid the cheapest bids, whether from web design agencies or freelance web designers. Compare average rates. Remember that you always get what you pay for. Make ample research!


  Tips for your decision. 

 Please answer the following questions; 

 v  Does a web design company or freelance web designer have what it takes to craft my website?

v  Does the portfolio justify my decision?

v  What’s my budget? 

v  Do I need to prep for a revamp in the future in case required?

v  Can I handle the technical needs and support of the website?


There is a range of options to consider when embarking on a web design project. It would be best if you had a web designer who lets you focus on business while they handle the behind-the-scene work effectively. If you run an enterprise-level company, you must do ample research before settling for a designer, and a web design agency is the best answer.  

At Kinex Media, we have what it takes to design, develop and run any digital marketing campaign effectively using result-driven strategies. Over the years, we’ve authored many websites into the digital limelight, and they remain the industry’s benchmark. 


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