Ecommerce Trends Amidst and Post COVID 19

Ecommerce trends admist

E-commerce has brought a tremendous change to the shopping style of the customer & has come up as a beautiful addition to the world of the internet since its birth. 

The sales volumes by the E-commerce stores are increasing at an extraordinary pace, and have compelled many businesses to shift their interest to online stores. 

It won’t be too far-fetched to say that COVID-19 was a blessing in disguise for online commerce, where the internet industry saw exponential growth in online shopping trends. 

According to the latest report: 

  • 52%: consumers that won’t go back to grocery shopping in-store
  • 58%: online shoppers expect to order more online in coming months 
  • 60%: EU consumers who will continue shopping online at the same level after the outbreak

Kinex Media has already talked about the benefits of E-Commerce in its previous post, and all those businesses which are not utilizing the power of E-Commerce are losing the vast share of sales. 

The next great thing in the field of e-commerce is a mobile transaction, which is helping to increase sales. All these facts and figures point in one direction, i.e. online shopping trends in the year post-2019 will be on an adrenaline rush with the pandemic panic infusion.

Ecommerce TrendsPost-COVID-19 SEO tips for eCommerce 

  1. Freshen up your SEO strategy: Your SEO strategy needs to be aligned with the current situation, thus require a fresh perspective in terms of Keywords, site structuring, offers, localization, payment methods and definitely content emphasizing safety measures. 
  1. Voice Search Optimization: World facing the threats of infection and resultantly limited resources and income allocation require solutions that are safe, proximally close and rational in terms of prices. Voice search covers the entire bracket and allows users to explore near me options under specific price ranges without actually coming in contact with the surface of mobile or persons for inquiry purposes.  
  1. Smartly Automated SEO: Removing the heavy lifting from routine SEO functions can make retailers more productive and free up a lot of time for more inventive optimizations and strategy. Smart automation can, of course, also significantly boost search performance by recognizing and optimizing real-time opportunities.

If vendors presume consumption patterns will bounce back once the COVID-19 pandemic settles, they might be in for a nasty surprise that tends to leave them in the cutthroat retail market immobilized.

Since in economic terms, the data show shopping online tends to be a “sticky” behaviour. Sticky behaviour, as the term implies, is something that is ingrained and hard to undo, and ultimately is irreversible.

Now let’s practise the old and gold mantras that are going to stick without any doubt:


Many online stores and merchants have launched mobile apps for their e-Stores to cater to mobile users’ market. 

These Smartphone apps enhance the experience of mobile customers and do great for customer retention and product promotion. The trend of mobile apps will rise for sure in situations like this, where people want everything accessible at their fingertips, and more future stores will use this approach for better sales.

Smart-phone-ecommerce-appIf you have not optimized your e-commerce website for mobile devices as yet, the year 2020 will be the best time to do it. This optimization may include but not limited to, adding responsive design and mobile-friendly payment options.


Magento technology is a highly professional, feature-rich open-source E-Commerce technology that is being used for online store solutions from 2007, and it’s every update has made it better. Magento offers complete flexibility and control over the UI, content and functionality of their online store. 

One of the highlights of the Magento eCommerce platform has an outstanding interface; which contains powerful marketing, merchandising and content management tools.

magentoMagento’s flexibility and enterprise-class features make it ideal for eCommerce solution creation customized to your unique requirements. All these things make the Magento an all-time favourite solution for businesses.


Retaining a customer has always been a priority and most important for every business. You may use several tactics to retain an existing customer. Modern-day e-commerce tools and extensions give online stores to save data related to each customer.

customer-life-time-valueWhat items customers bought in previous visits, how long did he/she stay on a particular item page, what queries he/she filled for things, and what is the feedback for the overall experience? Mobile apps, discount codes, and promotional vouchers will add to the experience and engage customers with your business.

Parting words of wisdom…

Prior investments in digitization are paying off in moments we see today – particularly if businesses have already experienced digital transformation. This makes their related products and services compatible with an emphasis on customer experience, e-commerce being a fundamental element in keeping the company alive and thriving.

Concentrating on e-commerce, analysts have already expected a continuing strong growth soon. Powered primarily by the continued acceptance of mobile shopping and linking more and more digital business touch points such as Chatbots, voice assistants, smart devices, social media, etc. – but that was all before the world locked in.

If you still don’t wake up, you would never be able to see the light in the future.

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