This year is going to add a lot more value to omnichannel or multichannel marketing. There are many mediums to seize your marketing moments and increase value to your brand, we have to see how far we’ve come to understand or grasp the multi-channel marketing concept. And do we have enough knowledge and vision to remain focused while overseeing everything, all together

“Multi-channel is an operational view – how you allow the customer to complete transactions in each channel. Omni-channel, however, is viewing the experience through the eyes of your customer, orchestrating the customer experience across all channels so that it is seamless, integrated, and consistent. Omni-channel anticipates that customers may start in one channel and move to another as they progress to a resolution. Making these complex ‘hand-offs’ between channels must be fluid for the customer. Simply put, omnichannel is multichannel done right!”

– John Bowden, Senior VP of Customer Care at Time Warner Cable

Peeping Into The Future

The user has become more sophisticated and clever in recent years. Everyone is asking for quality in exchange of money they spend on products and services. Nowadays, customers are expecting that content should come to them – and you have to create an environment where your users feel that they are naturally interacting with the content.

Marketing demands time and you have to be very patient to accessing things that works for you and your audience. Plan content specifically for one platform and focus on promoting it there, rather than taking a shortcut and using same content across all mediums

– which will create a huge mess and confusion.

Predicting when and where your consumer is going to consume media has become very hard. The virtual world is changing with a lot of new platforms and tools being introduced every day to the world. On an average, a person checks phone 150 times a day. Now this is a valuable fact and knowing we have 150 opportunities to interact with the customers and engage them with something incredible; the planning and researching or innovation has become really important to gain the attention.

It’s time to reach your audience through Video Consumption. YouTube and Video are your calling cards.

Each time we pick up our phones, we look to have something different, which can bring a smile on our faces. Those micro-moments can be a real game changer and your business can take a huge leap in the right direction.

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Futuristic Benefits of Omni-channel Marketing

Omnichannel focuses on smooth communication

Regardless of any channel, omnichannel marketing focuses on providing an inter-connectedness among touch-points, so the audience can interact with your brand hassle free. Representing one voice and one mind boosts your company’s authenticity among your audience and they are going to identify you through them, across all mediums. Nowadays, having responsive website or mobile application fuels it to reach success at a faster speed.

Figuring the best mobile experience

Since billions of smartphones have been sold, it has become extremely important how businesses are going to target their mobile audiences. You have a lot to determine before accelerating your marketing campaign. For instance, determining cost and timeline – and also which mobile platform is suiting your business and satisfying your customer. As no business will like to disrupt the mobile experience of their customers. Hence, business should find the ways to create a smooth streaming of relevant information by influencing potential customers to convert into sales.

Finding the actual utility

While responsive websites and mobile application are beneficial, there are many businesses who are short of funding and can focus on one thing at a time. Hence, to find the actual utility, you have to see, which thing is providing you what the other doesn’t. After evaluating you have to scale them, and see which outweighs other in terms of benefits.

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Practical Advantages of Omni-channel Marketing


  1. Enhanced User Experience and Increased Loyalty

Omni-channel marketing conveys consistency across platforms and digital channels. Customer’s can access content through social media, official website, blogs and articles. They can also access the content from various devices like tablets, smartphones or laptops, too, making the users’ access versatile and more impressive.

Omni-channel marketing presents an opportunity for businesses to personalize messages for their customers, based on some classification. This type of personalization s improves conversion rates, ultimately earning customers’ loyalty.

  1. Improved Recognition

Because of the multifarious nature of Omni-channel marketing strategy, the brand’s logo becomes more prominent and can be recognized across platforms. Users can identify the brand’s identity across mobile platforms, despite the changes in layout and formats.

Omni-channel marketing strategies also help in translating users’ experience successfully from one device layout to another. This adds into the clever tactic of using the user’s search queries to predict similar items and products. Omni-channel marketing makes it possible to keep this flow of brand content seamlessly going.

  1. Improved Brand Analytics

Omni-channel marketing helps in building useful data sources to understand and analyse customer patterns and habits. The given infographic makes this context clearer:

Omnichannel Marketing                               Infographic:


Omni-channel marketing is going to be the go-to strategy for digital businesses in 2020 and beyond. Keep in mind to keep expanding and adding more channels into your network and be consistent in your content-quality and upkeep.

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