Joomla is one of the most well-renowned Content Management Systems in the whole world. Joomla provides an excellent level of flexibility to create websites that are fully functional and high in performance. Joomla has been adopted by a large number of developers as well as businesses all around the globe. You can quickly develop anything ranging from a corporate business website to a blog and from an online user community to a directory website, using this excellent Content Management System & Web Development Platform known as the Joomla.

There is a long list of reasons as to why you should adopt Joomla for web development as your business’s content management system. Here we are going to have a look at some of the key reasons for selecting Joomla.

1. Open Source

One of the significant reasons for adopting Joomla is that it is open-source, which means that you can easily make changes in the source code, allowing you to have a high level of flexibility and scalability. You can easily edit and make changes in the look, feel and functionality of various components of the website. It helps the developers to utilize their innovation and creativity to create highly robust and technologically advanced websites in a personalized manner.

Because of Joomla being open source, it is loved by developers all around the globe for creating many types of websites, including corporate sites, news or blogs, government applications, small business sites and sites where secure logins are required. Joomla provides the developers with the features they look for in a content management system.

Joomla-open source

2. Totally Free

Although Joomla is known as the best CMS ever created, it is available for free as well. This makes Joomla a great choice for you as creating a website is free and requires just a few clicks. You can download the Joomla software online and install, and then you are ready to create a website with all the functionality and design features you always wanted on your website. It also gives you an advantage of trying this platform free of cost before you adopt it officially for your business website.

3. Easy to Install

For the beginners and less technical people even, Joomla is a very easy platform to install. It just requires general computer knowledge and in 3 simple steps, you can get this up and running on your computer or laptop. The first step of installation includes configuring the details about your website like site name, site description, email address and the website super administrator user name and password.

The second step of installation includes configuring the database, in which you have to fill the details like database name, user name and password for the website based on the information you have set up via your web hosting space control panel. Then the final step, in which you have to enter the sample data in your database & also review all the settings and information you entered in the installation process before finalizing everything and finishing the installation process. Joomla is straightforward to install; you don’t need to be a technical expert as it is just a click- and-customize service. So it is an excellent option if you wish to go for Joomla as your official content management system or website development tool.



4. Support

With thousands of professionals and developers present online, you get all the required support related to any kind of questions, updates or problems regarding Joomla. This support is available 24*7, and you can rely on the professionals online as they have gained expertise in this platform with years of hard work and effort. Having such type of support always is seriously the most considerable advantage of Joomla.

Support is one of the essential things you need when it comes to adopting a new platform because there are so many aspects that you are not aware of. Joomla allows you to interact and seek help online anytime from thousands of professionals present on the internet.

Joomla Support

5. Documentation

Joomla offers extensive online documentation for a better understanding of the platform and its various features and tools. The documentation has been well written and is available in many different languages for better experience to the users. In case of any need or help, you can easily refer help documentation, which states each aspect of Joomla pretty clearly. There is also an online collaborative community manual which has all the point discussed through articles also, which has been written very well and has been translated correctly into many languages.

6. Usability and Management

Joomla is one of the most simple content management systems available, which allows even the beginners to understand it pretty well. Joomla is based on the internet, which means as long as you can access the internet through your browser, you can easily alter, update and manage the content of your website. The admin panel is quite simple and allows you to control the privileges and roles provided to all the other managers.

The simple and easy to understand interface allows you to write and publish content like articles & blogs very quickly. The articles or blogs can be easily posted according to categories along with images or visual content with the option to welcome comments of the visitors. You can easily create new menus and new users just with few clicks and entering details. So Joomla allows you to manage the website anywhere on the go with a computer or laptop working on an internet connection.

7. Easy Update and Upgrade

Joomla allows you to easily update or upgrade it by just clicking on the update tab. You will be redirected to the online update page, where you will get some information. You just need to input some data and click on update, and you’re done. The update will start, and depending upon the internet speed, you’ll get the latest version of Joomla on your laptop or computer.

8. Mobile Ready

Joomla is created using the bootstrap framework, which allows you to create highly responsive websites as the core coding of Joomla both at the frontend and at the backend, which serves the responsiveness purpose. The earlier versions of Joomla didn’t allow you to manage or change the content from devices of variable screen sizes like laptops or mobile phones, but the latest version will enable you to easily manage your website and its content from a smart device of any screen size like smartphones even.

There are many other advantages of the front end of Joomla as there is an endless list of responsive extensions and mobile-friendly templates available for download online, which can be integrated to add any level of functionality to your website.


9. SEO Friendly

Joomla has been created in such a way that the blogs or websites built using Joomla are SEO friendly. SEO stands for search engine optimization, which ensures that your site is displayed in the top results of various search engines. Joomla websites are loved by search engines, and with some useful tactics; you can ensure the display of your website in the top results of search engine result pages (SERPs).

You just have to make sure that certain keywords, meta tags and titles are sown on the website so that whenever any keyword is searched regarding a product or services also offered by your company’s website. It can help in improving the conversion rate and increase business sales.


10. Extensions and Templates

Joomla provides you with the flexibility and scalability features to add any type of functionality to your website that you want. It is made possible by thousands of free and paid extensions available online for download. These extensions allow you to add any type of features like reviews, comments, payment gateways, etc. These extensions can be found online on the official Joomla website as well as third party websites and can be downloaded for later installation in your system.

Many design templates have been created and stored in the online template directory. If you want new templates, you can get from third party websites and even create yourselves. This flexibility is one of the most significant advantages of the Joomla platform.


11. Security

Security is an excellent feature of Joomla. We all know that how important security is for any business website not only for the business but also for the users. E-Commerce website involves buying products online where you have to enter credit or debit card details, and if the site is not fully secured, no one will like to buy product or services from your website. Thus, it becomes really necessary for the website to be totally secured from intruders and hackers.
web security

Joomla offers better security than other content management systems. The latest version of Joomla comes with a two-factor authentication and a crypt algorithm which ensure better password authority than ever. The latest version also has incorporated Google RECAPTCHA, which prevents spamming of registration and contact forms.


Thus, these were the top reasons for you to adopt Joomla as your business’s content management system. All these reasons ensure the best web experience for your business as well as your audience. Joomla has become the hot favorite of thousands of developers around the world in past few years.

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