Web Design Trends That 2015 Is All About

Who says technology evolves changes all alone? It is the user habits and then the website design that take a swift change at the same time. With 2015 still in its initial stage, users have developed curiosity as in what web design trends will you be eying in 2015. We have already witnessed how responsive design has garnered the top position in modern web. Websites are becoming more interactive owing to the ease of navigation and inclusion of affluent media content. Read on to have a look at all the trends that you need to eye out for 2015.

Creative & Lively SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) was a buzz back in 2014 and so does it continue to be in 2015. This is mainly because this vector format lets your websites look crisp and are well suited for responsive as well. Other advantage of SVG elements is that these can be animated and add that dynamic look to the site.

Go Responsive: We do not think there is any need for us to demonstrate the importance of responsive design. Majority of websites have already gone abroad with the concept of responsive designs for tablet and smart phone users. In 2015, the responsive design is going to reach sky heights. With the growing use of smart watches and TVs, the need for seamless experience continues to grow across all channels.

Dynamic Backgrounds: You must notice websites implementing the concept of large images as backgrounds. Well, that is just the beginning as throughout 2015, you are going to explore a lot of large-image backgrounds as designers are going to take the concept a notch higher. The use of 3D is no more confined till movies, users want to explore more of it and are expecting use of 3D in cutting edge designs. So, another aspect that you can expect to experience is backgrounds that balance the detailing of three-dimensional graphics. Get ready to see completely responsive HD-quality video backgrounds as well.

Highly Interactive: Designers have realized that micro-interactions are helpful in enhancing the UX on your website. Website designs are now emphasizing upon users experience as they believe this is going to help the brand create an emotional bond with the brand. So, user experience will stay amongst the top trends in 2015.

Big & Bold: Typography used in website is known to affect the usability and the overall look of site. So, websites are now making sure that they use typography that delivers an appropriate brand message. In 2015, you will be witnessing websites using bolder fonts. Also, responsive typography will be inculcated for improved readability.

Ghost Buttons: Well for those who are still not acquainted with Ghost buttons, these are the buttons that make use of a stylish yet subtle design for grabbing the attention of users. These buttons usually display smart hover animations that add a touch of style and sophistication to website. In 2015, you will be witnessing ghost buttons complimented with large background images and videos.

Scrolling & Clicking: With the immense increase in the use of mobile devices for web surfing, users have now quite familiar to scrolling concept. In fact, scrolling has now developed an edge over the clicking. Scrolling score well as the users like to preview all the content that you are offering over the webpage. So, in 2015, you will be witnessing longer home pages that would encourage the interaction between the website and user.

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