Strategy To Be Adopted After Google Hummingbird

If you want to know what should be your SEO (search engine optimization) and link building strategies after latest hummingbird update by Google, then this blog post is really going to help you a lot. Kinex Media, a leading company offering professional services for website design in Toronto along with SEO and Link Building services tells us how to design link building and SEO plan after this latest update. Let us take a look:

According to expert SEO experts, one needs to adopt SEO and link building techniques which are to a greater extent similar to the ones that were termed as good strategies before Hummingbird too. What this means is that if before this latest Google Hummingbird update, you were already working on developing the content that was relevant to the nature of your website and it was catering well to the queries and other content requirements of users, you need not to change your strategy, although you van strengthen and refine it.

It is important to understand that Google Hummingbird update is aimed at providing the users with the best and most suitable results in as less as possible time period. The algorithm is refined to make it smart enough to understand the exact needs of the user and this offering the most appropriate results. Here is an example which will give you a clear idea about how Google search intends to work post this latest hummingbird update-

Suppose that there is a guy who is searching the internet for ‘Mexican salad at home’, now it may be that he is searching for a recipe to make Mexican salad at home. On the other hand, suppose that someone is searching on his mobile device, using the same keyword  ‘Mexican salad’, he might be looking for a nice eating joint or a restaurant where he can have Mexican Salad or place a home delivery order. What this example explains is that in today’s world, your SEO strategy must be competent enough to cater the exact needs of the end users.

It means that we need to put an end to a link building strategy that lays all its efforts only on optimizing the keyword. The right step would be to initiate a step that concentrates on topical optimization and the sites need to feature only high quality content that offers real value to the end user. After this Google hummingbird update, if you tune your SEO and link building strategies with Google’s guidelines, you will surely gain a competitive advancement over your competitors that will soon result in new clients and greater revenue.

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