WordPress – Perfect For Enterprise Business Website

Wordpress For Enterprise

WordPress is the most widely used website development & blogging platform in the world. With more than 75 million websites and blogs running on this awesome platform, it is only getting better with time. It has all the functionalities and features required to develop a website for any business nature. WordPress can be used to build a website for digital agencies, NGOs, corporate businesses, government agencies, educational bodies, portfolio sites and e-commerce etc.

Enterprises demand a lot of elements out of their website such as domains, sub domains, many pages, higher traffic and contained content. Building such a complex and feature rich website demands a platform that is completely robust, flexible and scalable. Luckily, WordPress has got it all to develop the most perfect websites to suit all your business needs and deliver results as well. Developing a complex website is also quite easy using this awesome platform.

With thousands of plugins and template options to choose from, you can easily get the perfect design and feel that you have always wanted for your business website. Earlier WordPress was referred to as a great blogging tool and website development platform for personal websites, small businesses and entrepreneurs, which has changed totally in the recent times. There have been infinite numbers of changes and advancements to make it suitable for businesses of any size such as enterprises.

There are many reasons to adopt this outstanding platform for your enterprise’s website.Here we will have a look at the top advantages of having a website developed using WordPress.

1. Not Just A Blogging Platform

This platform begun its journey as a blogging platform only but after a few years, this platform grew into much more than just for content creation. It will always be the finest tools for posting your written and visual content online but it also can help you build the most outstanding websites like a portfolio, business, e-commerce, news and also for building mobile applications.

2. Lower Costs

One of the biggest factors to consider while getting your business website built is the total cost involved. The licensing can cost you a fortune, as you need the CMS to be specific for your business.

But if we talk about WordPress, it is available free of cost. Moreover it is available as open source platform, which doesn’t belong to a specific company but to every developer in the way they like to use it. The source code can be downloaded by anyone, copied and modified in a way you want.

With the availability of thousands of themes & plugins, WordPress offers everything to enhance your website’s design and performance. If you are not able to find a solution you are looking for, then you can easily edit the code to develop customized websites, helping you save time and expenses to a great extent.

3. Higher Reliability

Some of the prime factors that you consider while working with a platform are the upkeep, updates, maintenance and other services that you may require from the product. But you may be worried that WordPress doesn’t belong to a company, which is the reason you might not get the support you always seek. But it is not the case as you get immense support using this platform.


With a vast community of developers and volunteers around the globe, who are always working on something new with this platform & deliver solutions to the bugs or problems. There are many big companies focused on WordPress, while helping advancing this platform. This is the reason that there are regular checks to add patches, features and technical improvements.

You may still think that this doesn’t guarantee a perfect support but the community can easily help you with their ideas and solutions while you can even get a commercial version from a top rated company to get support whenever you need.

4. Scalability

Scalability is one of the prime factors to consider when getting a website developed for your business. If your CMS doesn’t allow you to expand the number of pages on your website or it can’t handle huge traffic, then it shouldn’t be chosen.

So you might be thinking is WordPress worth it? The answer is yes. This platform can work perfectly with hosting environments of any size & type. It can be used for a single website as well as for a network of website.

This is one of the biggest reasons as to why this platform is being used in online publishing use WordPress including The New York Times, CNN, TechCrunch and Microsoft. So, it this platform works perfect for such big sites then why not for your business.

5. Safety

Safety is one of the prime factors that everyone considers in today’s time. This is because the potential customers will put their trust in your online website only if it is secure. So when it comes to WordPress, you can rest assured about data safety.

Earlier there were many issues due to which this platform was referred to as a non-secure platform. This was due to the use of flawed themes & plugins created by third parties. But with the joint efforts of WordPress developers and industry leading companies who worked in collaboration with leading hosting companies, this platform has been made extremely secure now.

Wordpress Securikty

These teams closely keep a watch on any issue which is reported on the WordPress forum or community, for which they immediately release solutions and safety updates as well. These updates are automatically installed in the site, unless the auto update is turned off manually.There are various types of WordPress security plugins available also.

You can also learn the ways and breaches that can cause you website to be hacked or compromised then follow the best security practices to avoid such scenarios easily.

6. Flexibility

The two pillars that stand behind the success of this platform are themes and plugins. With the help of these, users can easily get any kinds of look or functionality they want in their website.
With thousands of themes and more than fifty thousand plugins available, you can rest assured of getting anything you desire for your business website. In case you still don’t get it, you can easily alter the coding to design what you wanted to incorporate in your site.


The use of robust APIs such as WP REST API, your platform can easily integrate with other types of third party software products. With the plugins available for translation into a long list of languages and mobile responsiveness, this platform is surely a boon for any business.

7. SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most essential factors for success of any business website. SEO helps your website to rank higher in the search engine ranking, which means better visibility and traffic to the site. When it comes to WordPress, you can rest assured about SEO as the websites created using this platform are SEO friendly.


With the use of plugins such as Yoast SEO and All-In-One SEO Pack, you can easily improve the on page optimization of your business website and enjoy the benefits in terms of increased sales and conversions.

That’s All!

So these were the top reasons as to why WordPress is one of the finest platforms available to get your enterprise’s website built. WordPress has everything you require to build the most awesome website.