Revamping your Website Optimization Strategy – Think beyond SEO

SEO ( Search engine optimization ) is essentially a core component of any good website marketing strategy. But, a balanced website optimization strategy is the one that is not just limited to SEO techniques, it also focus on various other important components. In today’s post, Kinex Media, a leading Toronto web design and SEO company shares in detail what forms a balanced and effective SEO website optimization strategy.

Core of Web Marketing -Search Engine Optimization

There is no doubt that search engine optimization is the one of the most basics components to a good web marketing strategy to gain good search engine rankings and attracting more visitors for your website. Users generally think highly of those websites that have higher organic rankings in search engine result pages and term them as trustworthy sites. Thus, there is a greater probability that if your website has good rankings, a user will follow the link to your website and you get a lead and if your website offers what the user has come to look for, this lead can get converted into a sale.

Website SEO

There are various sub-components of a search engine optimization technique and some of its features and services form essential parts of overall website optimization strategy. These overlapping components are link building techniques, content writing and content marketing. Discussed below in this post are few of the most essential components.

Other Important Components Of Website Marketing Strategy

We look below into details to figure out what forms a well-integrated marketing strategy for a website.

  1. Web Content Writing
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Pay Per Click Campaign

1. Web Content Writing: High quality and relevant web content with SEO focused keywords is among the most important feature to run a successful website optimization strategy. Skillful and knowledgeable SEO content writers can create highly focused content for your website. A content which is composed keeping in mind the requirements of end users and that include the perfect balance of focused keyword and key-phrases helps your website perform well in search engines and attract increased traffic.

Content Writing

What is most important is that the content you write for web must be highly relevant with the nature of your website and updated on regular basis because only then it will be able to draw attention of users. Remember that good quality content is an essential part of a website optimization strategy and you must invest a fair amount of hard work and research to come up with website content. If you need professional help, you can contact Kinex Media as they also offer expert content writing services along with website design, SEO, Link Building and PPC services.

2. Content Marketing: Why content marketing is beneficial for websites ? It is basically an important component of an off-site website optimization strategy. It can attract traffic for a website in two different manners- by evoking the interests of users by means of highly informational content posted on various sites across the internet in forms of articles, blog writings, press releases, videos, and images, etc. attracting those users towards your website. It also strengthen your company’s website optimization efforts by creating link backs towards your website as keyword-rich content posted across different sites contain outbound links to your website and helps it gain certain degree of authority.

Content Marketing

3. PPC or Pay Per Click Campaign: Pay Per Click (PPC) is one of the most effective mode of advertising of any web optimization campaign. PPC is key source attracting search engine traffic to your website. PPC advertising can perfectly complement your other organic search engine optimization efforts by bridging the gap on highly competitive keywords. Moreover, you can run geographically focused ad campaigns on Google’s AdWords to reach to specific groups and it will help you generate highly qualified leads for your website.

Pay Per Click

We hope that today’s post discussing about the basics of an effective web marketing strategy helps you in designing a web optimization strategy for your business’s website. For further information, please feel free to contact us at

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