Magento is the fierce and virtually innovative platform proving to be a leader with a stronghold of 14% shares in the e-commerce sector.

But now it’s roaring loud and clear in the industry with its Magento 2 version, which lets everyone know who the real king is.

Although it is a pre-established globally acknowledged platform, due to its timely pledge of completion and new features updates from time to time, but Magento 2 is making everyone excited to another level. As it simply complements all of its predecessor’s achievements, providing all modern ecommerce stores with enhanced functionalities.

Let’s brush up the basics first and then move further.

  • What is Magento 2?

Magento 2 is a PHP-based open-source CMS platform.

It is a blessing for website owners and empowers them to manage their sites without developers’ help. Due to its latest functionalities and features, it is an online powerhouse.

  • What is the hype all about?

There are many reasons to explore why Magento 2 is in the limelight, but here we’ll shed some light on the best one to help you get into Magento 2’s universe.

Many studies have been carried out on Magento 2, and those tests have shown that Magento 2 can accommodate up to 39% more orders per hour with 66% faster add-to-cart times than its previous version: Magento 1.


Here are the major benefits of Magento 2 that will enlighten you to have a shift to a new platform for a better experience. 

Performance Upgradation

Performance up-gradation is the foremost and an eminent benefit of Magento 2. With this, reduced server load, good site performance by 20% boost in speed, and scalability were also recorded, impacting the positive delivery response.

Website performance matters a lot to increase the traffic and conversion rate, so this is one in all packages. This platform is designed to give an improved way of performance to both the buyer and the seller (operator). It also inculcates VR UI design for best experience ever.

This makes it scalable for large stores and able to grow with an online business. E-commerce is a platform that will grow in the coming future, so things related to E-commerce need a necessary update, so Magento 2 is the one.

It even includes the feature that allows you to more easily spread the demand on your hosting infrastructure over multiple servers and thus more easily handle large traffic spikes.

You will experience a new world of E-commerce store working.


After the performance, here comes flexibility. The platform which will be able to tailor the changes and is ready to accept the new alterations is always in demand.

Magento 2 comes with features that can change things on your website for e-commerce.

It comes with a modulus structure that enhances e-commerce website flexibility and efficiency. It also helps you to keep codebase clean and high-performance and make it much more versatile to function than older versions.


With the advent of time and technology, the features of the software and e-commerce platforms get change with new updates and better functions.

In light of the information, Magento 2 offers exceedingly customized encounters amid web-based shopping. Magento 2 is furnished with such innovations, and lets store proprietors offer customized items, administrations, and showcasing motivators of numerous types.

Along with this, it helps in transformation and experience improvement for the loyal client base. With personalization through VR user interface, the shopping basket can finalize more negotiations, urge customers to purchase more, and increment repeat business, which implies a high ROI.

Speed & Security

Talking about the speed and security with Magento 2, it has drastically increased. Magento 2 is more secure than past forms since it has changed the structure of catalogues in the source. Presently, it has expelled skin organizer from the root registry, so it has just five envelopes in root index against 9 in the past form.

Also, it has made another registry as “Bar” and moved envelopes like JS, SKIN, ERROR, etc., from root index into it. Therefore, it has influenced extreme to take to or hack codes specifically from the root catalogue for mischievous components on the web.

Streamlined Checkout

Being a secure platform for payments, Magento 2 checkout process is streamlined. It makes it really easy for the customer to place their order to go to the cart and complete the order.

This helps the customers to save their time with easy checkout. This even increases conversion rates. At the point when a client goes to checkout, they are conveyed to a default visitor checkout screen where they enter an email address.

On the off chance that this matches a current client, they are given an alternative to checking out quicker with spared data.

Visitors can make a record in a single tick from the request Thank You page. These highlights support repeated clients.


Another essential component and the feature enabling its greater use is that it is a nationwide platform that is used for various e-commerce sites. It embraces all of the different regional languages and exchange rates.

Marketing Automation 

You need to build strong relationships with your customers via email to boost the retention rate. Magento 2 has built-in Dotmailer, the automation tool for email marketing. Automated marketing campaigns can be created for SMS, Push, Email and other outlets.

Mobile Friendly

In this technophilic era where mobiles have taken the place of desktops and PCs, around 40 percent of orders online came from mobile devices.

Also, Magento 2 being in the landscape for smartphone shoppers will yield great shopping experience for your online shop.

Unlike Magento 1, the new platform is responsive by default. In addition to a 50 percent improvement in page loading speed, Magento 2 has enhanced on-site search and mobile-friendly checkout to accept more orders from mobile devices.


While some have hesitations about relocating to Magento 2, it’s clear that this interface was intended to provide better customer and admin experience. It preserves that Magento is known for flexibility but adds some important, useful features.

The new model can grow as the enterprises grow. With a streamlined checkout process, it’s fast increasing conversions and encouraging repeat customers.

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